Time to Catch Up

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been VERY absent around here the past few weeks. The first semester of Honours was A LOT of work, and it left very little time for blogging  or really any significant amount of writing or general creativity.

Even though semester 1 is over and done with, the next month before semester 2 isn’t really a break.  I still have a lot of thesis research to do, but I also want to achieve something writing-wise.  Reading over my lovely friend’s draft of her novel has encouraged me to kick my butt into gear and try to get to the same stage. I’ve also had a lot of inspiration strikes recently, which is wonderful.  Some of them have just been little snippets of world building or a few lines of dialogue or description, but others have been a lot more significant both in terms of characters and plot.  So significant, in fact, that the title Rebellion is simply no longer going to cut it!

That’s getting a bit off topic, though. Many people I know will be embarking tomorrow on Camp NaNoWriMo, 31 days of frenzied productivity.  I won’t be joining them, but I am going to set myself a target for July that will get me back on track come the panic of semester 2 and thesis stress.

The goal? One chapter, every day in July. That’s thirty one chapters. I want to end up with a complete draft, ready for me to edit at my leisure(ish) and eventually send out for beta reading.

Now, as July begins tomorrow, I might head back to my planning and LoTR special features watching!

I’ll be back checking in on Monday for the beginning of ROW80 round three, which will hopefully reveal how my Crazy July of Writing will fit in with the bigger picture of round 3!


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