ROW Checkin: Busy is Good…Right?

Oh my goodness has this past week been busy! Nothing extra has been due (aka I didn’t have anything due that week), and yet I feel like every week is just going to get progressively more stressful until the end of October. #thesisproblems

Busy does at least mean that I’ve remained motivated AND productive (well, mostly productive).

I’ve been having some back and neck problems recently (well, more problems than usual), which has meant lots of heatpacks and complaining, and a few days off uni/productivity whilst my body rejects my brain (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s doing). I wouldn’t say that I suffer from chronic pain (although I am pretty much always in pain), but I definitely have A LOT of respect for those who do who manage to do things everyday!  If you have any tips for dealing with frequent neck and back pain, please let me know! I stretch, I’ve got proper pillows, I have relatively good posture (although my shoulders do enjoy being forwards), and yet I’m still in pain! Help!

Last Week’s Goals

  • 3,500 words (500 words per day): I reached 3,500 words! I didn’t exactly write 500 words a day, but if the weekly total adds up to 3,500 that’s ok!
  • Start Rob RoyI did not do this.  I meant to, I really did.  I just…didn’t.
  • Continue reading one non-thesis book: I also didn’t do this.
  • Write three posts for each of my blogs
  • Remain motivated. Despite everything I definitely managed to remain motivated! What a victory!

This Week’s Goals

  • Read. This really has to be my focus this week.  I’m seriously slipping behind on my reading challenge, not to mention the fact I need to read some books for my thesis. This goal splits neatly into three sub-goals:
    • Start one thesis novel: My choices, Rob Roy, The Heart of Midlothian, Waverly (all Sir Walter Scott), Kidnapped (Robert Louis Stevenson), or Discipline (Mary Brunton). Recommendations?
    • Start one thesis book: There are also about six entire non-fiction/research books that I need to read for my thesis (on top of A LOT of articles and chapters), so I need to get a move on.
    • Start/continue one non-uni book: My current choices: Lord of the Rings (audiobook), Crown of Midnight, Page, or A Dance with Dragons. Again, recommendations?
  • Write. 500 words per day/3,500 per week. I have a few plot kinks to sort out, and I’m tossing up between continuing to attempt in chapter order to focusing on a single POV all the way through, then going back to the start with the next one until I’m done.  Suggestions?
  • Blog. Three posts here, three posts on WanderingsandWonderings.  Just like last week.
  • Visit. Visit the WIPeteers because I’ve been useless recently.

So that’s it, my goals for this week.  How is your round going? How do you deal with plot kinks and difficult characters? How do you stop reading from feeling like a chore when all you do is read for study?


10 thoughts on “ROW Checkin: Busy is Good…Right?

  1. I sympathize with your pain and applaud you for working thorough it. Unfortunately I have no help to offer. When I have back pain, often, I use a heating pad. It helps some. Not much. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. If you’re looking for another reading recommendation, may I suggest my short story collection, It’s Complicated: Short Stories About Long Relationships. Both paperback and Kindle versions are available on Amazon today! I’d love the support and if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s prob free for you.
    Happy reading and all the best with all your weekly goals.

  3. I see a chiropractor every four weeks because of mild scoliosis and neck pain. If you can, it’d probably be worth setting a chiro or a physio to try to find the source of the pain (if you haven’t already, of course)

  4. I’ve had back problems for 30 years and neck pain since I had a whiplash about five years ago, so I can feel your pain. I’ve also tried everything, and even though the chiropractor helps my back, it’s done nothing for my neck. But we keep plodding along, right?

    Looks like you are making progress with your goals. Best wishes for continued success.

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