ROW Checkin: May Motivation

Apparently last week’s check in has disappeared/been eaten by internet gremlins. I don’t know how that happened.  I wrote it all, and I swear I published it, but the internet works in mysterious ways and now it’s just a blank post…

That’s annoying.  It does sum up my April pretty well though…

I always seem to hit a creative slump in April.  Perhaps it’s because uni has gone from being just back and still relatively chilled to terrifying mid-semester assignment mode.  Then again it happened last year and April was my holidays. Anyway, April seems to have this weird wall that I just struggle to climb over.  It’s not that I’m not productive, per se, just that I’m not usually productive at useful things (save for uni).  I watched A LOT of TV series/YouTube in April. And I mean a lot.

April is over, and now it’s May. I always like May. Maybe it’s because on this side of the world the weather starts to get cooler (by cooler I mean low twenties and teens -Celsius) which makes me undoubtably cheerier, or because it’s nearly half way through the year and I realise I need to kick my butt into gear.  Either way, I’m thoroughly more productive and motivated in May.

Which is why my theme for this month is motivation.  I don’t just want to set goals, I want to wake up everyday and find reasons to feel motivated to reach them.  I want to get back on track after the slump that was April.

I already made some progress this weekend – I wrote 4,425 words over the space of two days, a HUGE increase from a total of 548 words in the previous two weeks! My characters have (temporarily, I’m sure) sorted themselves out, which hopefully means no more lengthy backtracking.  I’ve started the audiobook for the Fellowship of the Ring, and as always some cheeky Tolkien has inspired me to keep both writing and reading.  I’m on track for my Honours (even though it really doesn’t feel like it).  I’m posting semi-regularly on both blogs.

Things are looking good.

My Goals for This Week:

  • 3,500 words (500 words per day): I KNOW this is do-able, I just have to make it a priority
  • Start Rob Roy: This is one of the books I’m thinking of using for my thesis.  I have a few, so I really need to get a move on.
  • Continue reading one non-thesis book: I want reading to be a reward rather than a task.  Listening to Lord of the Rings definitely feels like a reward!
  • Write three posts for each of my blogs
  • Remain motivated.

I hope you’re all going along well and May will prove as motivating for you as it (hopefully) is for me!


2 thoughts on “ROW Checkin: May Motivation

  1. I felt the same about April, so was glad to see May arrive. Wow – lots of writing done.Great goals for the week – and doable. All the best with your thesis and studies as well

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