WIPpet Wednesday: It’s Thursday

I know I’m posting this on a Thursday, but hey, life is busy and this will have to do.  My graduation from my Bachelor’s degree was yesterday, and whilst it was exciting it was also a very long day, and I was too exhausted last night to think about blogging.

After last week’s short WIPpet I’ve got a longer section for you all today, from Taura’s point of view.  It corresponds to the date because I wrote it today.  As usual Taura’s chapters are giving me a bit of trouble, and this will form part of the re-write of her first chapter.


“Well what, Taura?”

Scowling, she motioned towards the waiting horses, already laden with saddles and packs.  “Are we going?”

“This isn’t a good idea.”

Taura rolled her eyes.  “You never think anything is a good idea.  If it were up to you I’d be stuck here forever so that Andre can treat me like a child.  I want to see Taneka.  Visit the cities.  I want to help!”

Sighing, Toran stepped aside.  She pushed passed him without another word and swung onto the back of one of the horses.   He turned to follow her, pausing once he reached his horse.  “I still think you should stay here.  It’s safer.”

“I’ve had enough of being safe.”


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