ROW80: Le Woops

Well the first week of this round has come and gone without even giving me time to notice it. How rude. I felt so inspired and positive on Monday, and then on Tuesday I woke up with a colossal headache and an even bigger ‘I really can’t be fucked’ attitude. Which sort of made the rest of the week a bit of a write off. As A would say, le woops.

giphy (10).gif
Literally me with life at the moment…

Last Week’s Goals

– Write 3,500 words (aka 500 words per day): Finally weekly total: 1,795. I said le woops.

–  Continue reading A People’s History of ScotlandNot so much…

Continue listening to The Liar’s KeySee above.

Start reading Heir of Fire: Seriously, what do you think?

– Finish at least one of the above books: I mean, no. Obviously not.

So yeah, as you can see last week was definitely not successful.  Well, at least in terms of achieving my actual set out goals.  In reality, I wrote more for my novel than I have in a few weeks, and I do actually feel inspired again despite what the stats say.  As for my reading slump, well I’m tackling that the old tried and true way, as you shall see…

This Week’s Goals

– 3,500 words (500 words per day). This will be a weekly thing, so get used to it.

– Start work on either the ‘character’ or ‘settings’ visual diary.

– Read one book. I have a few in mind, and will probably settle on one relatively quickly.  When I’m in a reading slump I find I just need good old fantasy, so I’ll be delving into Crown of Midnight, Grass for His Pillow, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Dances with Dragons to see which works best.

And that’s it. Nice and simple because we have two lots of guests this week (my dad is here until Wednesday and then we have friends for the weekend) and I still have A LOT of honours work to do despite it being holidays!


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