Rachel Reviews: Confession Time

I’m in a reading slump.  According to Goodreads I’m now officially one book behind on my Goodreads Challenge, and according to my own reckoning I haven’t read anything non-uni related in A LONG time.

I knew this would happen.  As much as I love what I study, there comes a point when you’re just SO SICK of reading sources for your essays that the idea of coming home to do MORE reading is just upsetting. Which in turn is upsetting, because I love reading and I want to read but at the same time I don’t because I’ve already done so much reading.

giphy (8).gif

I know that this is something I just need to get myself out of, but that’s easier said than done.  My friend gave me her copy of Crown of Midnight to read, and if that doesn’t work my plan is to get my hands on a Brandon Sanderson novel or an actual hardcopy version of Liar’s Key because from experience nothing fixes my reading slumps like a bit of badass epic fantasy.

Which means I’ll hopefully be back this time next week with an actual review!

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