WIPpet Wednesday: I’m Late


I know it’s Thursday. I know that means I’m late.  I know.  But shh. It’s ok. It’s fiiiiiiiine.

I want to have a reason for being late this week, but I don’t really have one aside from last night we went out for dinner because this evening A’s parents left for 6 months in Europe and I spent all Wednesday in bed with the last clutches of a headache feeling decidedly unproductive.  Is that an excuse? Go with it, ok.

Anyway, I’m late, but I’m here, so it counts.

Today’s WIPpet math is 7-4=3, which gives you 3 sentences.

The cobblestones of the Depths always seemed to be wet, even if the day had been dry.  She suspected it wasn’t just water that made the stones so damp and slippery, but she knew better than to investigate.  The stones, like everything else in the Depths, were better left alone.

Join the other WIPpeteers at this here linky thing, and I’ll be back tomorrow for a book review (in theory, in reality I haven’t finished a book in a while…).


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