ROW80: So It Begins (Take II)

It’s the start of the second ROW80 for this year! The first 80 days absolutely flew by.  I mean think about it, I went to Scotland, came back to Australia, visited my family in Bendigo and spoke to students at my old school, started Honours in History, met new people, handed in my first assignment of the year, made some pretty huge life decisions, and a whole bunch of other exciting things.

giphy (1).gif

Now, I didn’t actually have round specific goals for round 1 (as far as I can recall), instead I just had weekly goals.  Whilst I enjoyed my weekly goals and plan on repeating them this round, I also think I need some bigger goals to aim towards during the round, you know, semi-long term ones.

So, my goals for this round: 

  • Write at least 500 words of my novel every day
  • Finish round one rewrites of Rebellion
  • Reach 24 ‘read’ books in my Goodreads Challenge (currently at 12) and write one book review per week

Doesn’t sound like too many, right? Remember, I also have 11,000 words worth of essays to write for Honours, thesis research/planning to do, articles to write for my uni magazine, two blogs to keep up, and some exercise goals.  Oh and laundry, cooking, shopping, tidying, looking after dogs, general life stuff. And friends, in theory.



Now for this week’s goals:

  • Write 3,500 words (aka 500 words per day)
  • Continue reading A People’s History of Scotland
  • Continue listening to The Liar’s Key
  • Start reading Heir of Fire
  • Finish at least one of the above books

Easy peasy, hopefully.  I’m remaining optimistic.

giphy (6).gif


Gifs from Giphy because I’m going through a phase (you should see my messages)…



10 thoughts on “ROW80: So It Begins (Take II)

  1. Love the gifs you found, but I’m going to stay away (no time!). Great goals for the coming round as they are specific and easily translated to daily/weekly goals. I was fascinated by your theme for Honors as I also studied the Industrial Revolution in school and found my first book (Standing Stones) about the effects of the Clearances in Scotland. Keep balancing school and writing and have a great Round!

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