ROW80: An Improvement

Well, I achieved more this week than I did last week.

Yay me.

Well…I sort of did. Progress has definitely slowed since uni started, but I’m trying to get back into things!

Last Week’s Goals

1. Write up to chapter 6: Let’s see, I’ve written chapter 1, 2 (I think I’m happy with it), 5, and 6. That’s 66%…

2. At least draw the map: Yeah no..

3. Visit the WIPpeteers: Sorry guys. I think I had to give it a miss this week.

4. Finish at least one book: I’ll give you a hint. It didn’t happen.

Ok, so I wasn’t that productive (and yes this is going up a day late), but you know what, this challenge knows I have a life so no one can be mad. Yeah.

This Week’s Goals

1. Try to write up to chapter 10: I’m determined to actually get my focus back this week and really work through drafting.

2. The map

3 Finish Across the Nightingale Floor

And that’s it, because I have an essay to write this week and that needs to be the priority! I hope you had more luck with your goals this week!



One thought on “ROW80: An Improvement

  1. Maybe we all work in fits and starts. Sometimes my editing goes smoothly; other times, I struggle for continuity (I’m just now editing a section @ 30K words). Aargh — and want to finish by March 30 (or the end of this round, whichever comes first). Having a very clear plan keeps us moving forward. I hope you reach Chapter 10 by the end of the week! And me too.

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