WIPpet Wednesday: A Casual Fight

It’s Wednesday! Lel wut?

I swear the days go by so quickly at the moment I barely have time to keep up, let alone get ahead!

Wednesday means you get a WIPpet today, and this one is exciting because it’s my first WIPpet from my 2016 Rebellion drafting! Weew!

If you want to participate in WIPpet Wednesday head on over to this here linky thingy to read the other WIPpets or leave your own! The only ‘rule’ is that your WIPpet has to correspond in some way to the date! Easy peasy.

Today I have 16 paragraphs from chapter 2 for 2016. Genius math. No context, because this is the start of the first chapter from this character’s POV so you wouldn’t get context anyway.

“Get up.”

In response, Siri nestled deeper into the furs around her.  She had found a strange, nostalgic comfort in sleeping next to Rinn.  He had not touched her all night, and she had felt like a child once again, warm and protected beside him.


There was a gentle warning tone in his voice, a tone that sparked a memory that she had forgotten for a moment in the peace of slumber.  It all came rushing back in an instant.  Rinn’s rage.  The mission, the impossible mission, which she knew was her punishment.  Mattias.  Poor Mattias.  She groaned, opening her eyes to glare at the man in front of her.  The nostalgia and forgiveness from the night had gone, replaced by a throbbing anger that had become all too familiar, and below it something else, something older.  Fear almost, but not quite.  She shook her head and yawned.  She had sworn to herself she wouldn’t think of what had happened, wouldn’t think of him.  Not in front of Rinn.

“Up my little falcon.  Up.”

There was a kindness in his voice now, but it only served to increase her frustration.  Groaning again, she pushed herself upright, her legs still tangled in the furs, her long copper hair a tangle around her freckled face, and scowled.  “I’ll get up when I’m ready.”

She was prepared for the blow before it hit her, and so she managed to catch his fist before it hit her stomach.  Rinn had only struck her a few times since that day, the day everything changed, and yet when he did she got the sense he never wanted to stop.  So they were both angry.  The knowledge calmed her slightly.   She could count on her hands the number of times Rinn had been truly angry in all the years she had known him, and never before had he been angry with her.  It was new for both of them, and she knew them both well enough to know Rinn was as bad at coping with ‘new’ as she was.  They would slip back into their old habits soon enough.  She just hoped it was before it was too late to turn around and forget this whole thing.

“You tried to hit me.”  Her voice sounded more wounded than Siri had intended to let on, but Rinn could usually read her thoughts anyway.

“You blocked it.”  She had expected him to sound surprised, or even angry, but his deep, gruff voice was almost proud.

Taking advantage of it, she pushed his fist away from her and smiled.  “Well you never did teach me to let my opponent touch me.”

His fist slammed into her stomach, catching her by surprise and knocking the breath from her.  It hadn’t been a hard blow, more like the ones they had once used in training, but nonetheless it was unexpected and it hurt. “It seems you didn’t learn it properly.”

“Oww. Fuck.” She kicked out at him, satisfied when her foot struck his side.

“You don’t want to fight me, little falcon.” As if to prove a point Rinn grabbed her right wrist, only to have her shove her foot between his legs.  He dropped her arm immediately as both of his hands shot to his groin. “That was dirty.” He muttered through clenched teeth, and she could tell he was biting back his pain as much as his laughter.  She had hurt him.  Good.

Siri shrugged, shifting off the bed and away from where Rinn was now half-crouching, half-leaning against it. “You taught me to fight dirty, remember.”

He chuckled, straightening slowly, delicately.  “I do remember.”  He smiled at her softly.  “I’m sorry I hit you.”

She shrugged again, pulling on her breeches.  “I’m not sorry I kicked you.”

“I know.”

And that’s how we meet Siri…


12 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: A Casual Fight

      1. It makes me happy to cheer people up. I’m sorry you’re feeling down, and hope life turns sweeter right away!

        Looking forward to more Siri in the near future. =D

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