ROW80: Aww crap

I had the best intentions for last week.  I really did. I was going to wake up every morning at 7am, do my exercise, and then get to work, dividing my time equally between Honours and writing.

I…well I didn’t end up doing that.

Last Week’s Goals

1. Write up to the start of chapter 4: This didn’t happen. I finished chapter 1 (which was easy to write as I only had to make a few tweaks to what already existed), and spent the rest of the week writing and deleting the opening line for chapter 2. I guess my heart or my head wasn’t really in the writing zone last week…

2. WIPpeteers god dammitI did this (I may have done it just before I wrote this blog post but I did it dammit)! I think I commented on everyones’ but if I didn’t comment on yours I’m sorry and I did read it I promise!

3. Sketchbook work: Yeah…no…

4. Finish at least one bookI finished The Silver Brumby’s Daughter on Tuesday (I think), and then not much. Sometimes reading has to make way for bingewatching Netflix ok…

So, yeah, not the most productive of weeks. I wish I could find something to blame it on but really I was just tired and a little lazy and wanted to watch more Friends

This Week’s Goals

1. Write up to chapter 6: I’m hoping that my characters will be a little bit more cooperative this week and actually let me write about them…

2. At least draw the map: That’s not much sketchbook work, right…?

3. Visit the WIPpeteers: And do it before next Monday night…

4. Finish at least one book: This might not happen, but I’m hoping to make more time to read and finish Across the Nightingale Floor.

And now after all that planning to be productive this week I’m going to go lie in bed and watch videos for a little while because I’m tired.


2 thoughts on “ROW80: Aww crap

  1. I loved Across the Nightingale Floor when I was younger, and the Silver Brumby books. Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise 😛 Best of luck this week with your goals and I totally understand prioritising Netflix over reading etc. I may have done it once or twice myself (or a hundred times…:P)

  2. We all know that feeling – I had it for some months, and have only recently managed to struggle out of it.

    Silver Brumby – remember those from my childhood too. Reading is always good I think, subconscious input to the writing engine.

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