ROW80: A Bit of a Productivity Slump

Well, that wasn’t my most productive week. My jet lag wasn’t too atrocious – I woke up around 7am most days last week, was exhausted my midday, got a second wind and then was ready to curl up in bed by around 7pm again.  Unfortunately, the general tired/unwell/bleugh feeling that comes with jet lag did make me remarkably unproductive last week.

Last Week’s Goals:

1. Start filling my sketchbook: I didn’t get any of this done, which means I’ll be working on it whilst I’m drafting. This might not be a bad thing, but I’m pretty annoyed I didn’t even get a little bit done. Turns out my brain isn’t the best at creativity whilst it’s still figuring out what bloody timezone it’s in!

2. Figure out my goals for ‘Stage 2: Draft 1’: I also did this! The basic plan is to try and write between 3 and 4 chapters per week.  I’m aiming for 15 chapters by the end of March, which works out to around one chapter every two days. Do-able.

3. Visit all the lovely WIPpeteers again Sorry WIPpet friends 😦

This Week’s Goals:

Uni is back (*runs away from honours year* which means I now have things like readings and notes and topic brainstorming to do as well as write.  And obviously the Honours has to be a priority, because I need to do well in Honours to get into Masters in Edinburgh, which is the goal.

Still, I’m going to force myself to make time for writing (and exercise) as well. Hopefully my 7am starts will help in this!

1. Write up to the start of chapter 4: This should be easy enough to achieve.  I’m thinking of treating things a bit like NaNo – aiming for 1,667 words per day (words I’m proud of though, my poor alpha reader will have to read them after all!). Each of my chapters is around 2,500-3,000 words, which means a chapter every two days if I write everyday!

2. WIPpeteers god dammit: I will get to you this week. I will. I promise. In fact, I’ll visit you all tomorrow (Tuesday) and then again later in the week so I can read last week’s WIPpets as well as this week’s!

3. Sketchbook work: There’s no way I’ll be doing everything I wanted to do last week this week, not on top of all the other things I want to do. So let’s start with something simple – maps.

4. Finish at least one book: I’m currently over half way through The Silver Brumby’s Daughter on audible, and around 100 pages into Across the Nightingale Floor, so hopefully I’ll finish at least one (0r if I’m lucky both) of them!

I know four goals doesn’t look like much, but I have an upsetting number of pages to read for my Honours courses, a thesis topic to brainstorm, primary sources to find, books to find and start to read, and most definitely something else I’m forgetting!

So that’s been February…good luck for March!


4 thoughts on “ROW80: A Bit of a Productivity Slump

  1. Four goals is plenty given everything you are trying to do and your class work! And you’re right–that comes first, so you already have the right priorities, in my opinion! 😀
    I hope the jet lag goes away soon and you start to feel back to normal. Good luck this week and happy writing and goal crushing! *high fives*

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