WIPpet Wednesday: Andre

“When I said we should keep a record of the Rebellion’s members, I didn’t mean you should ask me the cursed questions.”  Andre scowled at Sven, ignoring the way his greying dark hair flopped over his face slightly.  When he was younger he had prided himself on the neatness of his hair.  But now, with a Rebellion to run and few comforts on the piece of rock they’d been exiled to, his hair had been one of the first sacrifices.

“You’re the most important Rebellion member.”  Sven chuckled, his eyes glinting.  “You’re record will be on the first page.  The first thing anyone will read when they read of our triumph.”

Despite himself, Andre snorted.  Sven was always so bloody optimistic.  It was almost offensive.  “Very well then, interview your great leader.”

Sven mocked a bow, and Andre let the smile show in his hazel eyes.  “You know my name.”

“I do indeed.  Age?”

“Too old.”

“Thirty six is barely old.”

“It’s old enough.”  Andre scowled, too conscious of how it made the lines in his forehead even more pronounced.

Sven shook his head.  “Try to contain your self pity, just for once.”  He scribbled a note.  “As for when you joined the Rebellion…”

Andre smiled wryly, his mood immediately improved.  “I made the Rebellion.”

“I think I’ll just write founder.”  Sven scanned the parchment.  “Why you fight?”


Sven shrugged.  “That’s the next question.  You came up with it yourself.”

“You know why I fight.”

The pair stared at each other.  “I can’t exactly leave it blank.”  Sven finally muttered.

“To kill Rolando the Clanless.”  Andre was surprised by how nonchalantly the words slipped from his mouth.  Even exiled on a barren rocky outcrop, it was still treason.  But it was more than that.  With those words, Andre felt his history with Rolando, their history before he had become Lord and Andre had become banished, slipping away.  What surprised him most, however, was how little he minded.  “Write that.  To kill Lord Rolando.”  He rolled his eyes at the world ‘lord’.

Sven paused for a moment, his quill raised above the parchment in uncertainty.

“He already knows that’s what I want to do Sven, writing it down won’t make any difference if we’re caught.”

For a moment it looked as though Sven was about to refuse, but eventually he scrawled the sentence.  “You’ve just never said it out loud before.” His voice was surprisingly soft.

Andre shrugged, standing to leave.  “I’ve never needed to.”

And that’s Andre, the last of the 5 POV characters.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little series I’ve done over the past five weeks, I definitely have.  It’s been nice to really dig deeper into my characters’ personalities, and it’s definitely helped me with my plotting!

If you still have any questions for/about any of the characters, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them in a Q&A type post.

Until then, check out the other WIPpeteers and check back in on Friday for a book review!


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