ROW80: There and Back Again

Well I’m officially back in Australia. I’ve been back for around 2.5 hours, and I’m not gonna lie I’m feeling the jet lag.  It’s currently 3:15pm in Perth, which means it’s 5:45pm in Adelaide, and 7:15am in Edinburgh, where my body clock is still blissfully living. I was awake by 4am Adelaide time (1:30am Singapore time/5:30pm Edinburgh time), which isn’t too bad. Hopefully I won’t be knocked out by returning jet lag like I usually am…

Anyway, onto my ROW news for this week!  Can you believe it’s already the last week of February? I mean, I know it’s the shortest month, but it seriously flew by!

Last Week’s Goals

  1. Brainstorm clans detailsMostly done! I still need to map out where all of the clans are (once I’m reunited with my sketchbook) and give them names, but I’m really happy with the world building I’ve done so far!
  2. Explore religionsThankfully I didn’t have to go too into detail before my Rebellion rewrites because Taneka is the least religious place in my world.  I’ve jotted down a brief brainstorm/overview for each of the ‘countries’, so I’m happy withthat!
  3. Finish at least two booksDone! I didn’t end up reading The Liar’s Key because I met an author called Lucy Ribchester during an underground tour in Edinburgh (she’s absolutely lovely) so I ended up listening to her first book The Hourglass Factory between London and Singapore.  A full review will come on Friday, but for now I’ll just say I really enjoyed it.  I then finished off The Silver Brumby between Singapore and Perth! Success!
  4. Enjoy my last week in ScotlandDefinite success! I went on two underground tours, ate too much food from all my favourite Edinburgh restaurants, did some last minute cheeky shopping, had a lovely last night with two of my most favourite people, and just generally really enjoyed myself!

This Week’s Goals:

1. Start filling my sketchbook: We’re talking maps, inspiration images for places and characters, clothing designs, clan inspiration, the works! I want to get as much done as I can before I start writing!

2. Figure out my goals for ‘Stage 2: Draft 1’: According to my notes, the draft 1 stage for Rebellion rewrites is February 29 to May 29.  That’s 13 weeks. Which is around 3.2 chapters per week, in theory. However that’s also the majority of my first semester of Honours. I don’t know when my assessments are going to be due yet, but hopefully I’ll find out by the end of next week so I’ll be able to plan my writing work around them.  But basically I’m going to aim for 3-4 chapters per week!

3. Visit all the lovely WIPpeteers again: I didn’t have time to pop around to see them last week, and I missed them a bit so I’ll definitely make an effort to be back this week! We seemed to have increased our ranks, which is fantastic!

And that’s it.  I know it doesn’t seem like much but the first goal will probably be quite a bit of work and definitely take a lot of time. Also I’m probably going to be pretty jet lagged so…


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