ROW80: Still on track

Well, the first week of February was quite the success, if I do say so myself!

  1. Breakdown of Rebellion plot into chapters (including POV): I completed this really early on in the week (Monday, in fact) and it was an amazing feeling! I feel really happy with the way the plot worked itself out, and I can’t wait to start writing in March!
  2. Basic info about important minor characters: I finished doing this on Sunday.  I deliberately decided to leave the ‘brief history/background’ section of my notes empty for these four characters.  I might go back and fill some of them in later as needed, but for now their dot-point info is enough! I also got SUPER distracted looking at pictures of Jason Momoa…
  3. Basic history of world from the Empire’s arrival until the time of Rebellion:  This was SUPER basic – literally just dot points with the years that important events happened.  I really want to go into more depth with the history of my world at some point (and make Amelia read it), but at this stage I just needed a really basic overview so I remember what events happened when and how far apart they occurred.
  4. Visit all the WIPpeteers: Done! AND I did it before Sunday night! *celebrates*
  5. Finish at least one book: This one still eludes me! I’m over half way through Throne of Glass, and still around one third of the way through Prince of Fools. I’m hoping to finish both of them this week though, as I’ll have around 8 hours on the train to and from London to listen to Prince of Fools, and Throne of Glass is getting pretty damn exciting! Expect at least one review this week! (I decided not to cheat by reading a super short book like I did last week…)

I also achieved a lot of my non-ROW/writing goals, which is super exciting.  I think I’ve FINALLY narrowed down my languages to four equally ridiculous but exciting choices: Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Old Norse (I’m a history major, remember).  Icelandic and Old Norse are pretty damn hard to learn online, whereas Norwegian and Danish are on Duolingo.  At the moment my plan is to maybe start with Danish/Norwegian, then move  to Icelandic, then Old Norse if that’s the direction uni takes me.  But I’m notoriously indecisive…

Anyway, onto my goals for this week!

  1. Written description/overview of countries: I don’t have my sketchbook with me, so for this week I want to just write down the basics of each of the countries in my world: where they are, who inhabits them, climate, geography, religion, very basic culture, things like that.  That way I can go into things in more detail in the following weeks when I’m reunited with my sketchbook!
  2. Detailed description and notes for Carithno: Seeing as most of Rebellion is set in Carithno, it makes sense to have a detailed description of what the city looks like.  I’ve already got a pretty clear idea in my mind and jotted down a few things last week, but I really want to expand on that.  And also do a bit of fun research that doubles as a tourist attraction!
  3. Brainstorm clothing styles: This might sound a bit odd, but I really want to put some thought into what my characters are wearing and how it reflect where they’re from. Also it sounds fun!
  4. Finish at least one book: Like I said above, I’m hoping to complete both Throne of Glass and Prince of Fools, but I’ll be satisfied with just one!
  5. Visit the WIPpeteers and a few ROW80 people: I’m so awful at visiting ROW people. I’m sorry!! I’m going to try and do better!

I hope you’re all on track for whatever you wanted to achieve in February!


4 thoughts on “ROW80: Still on track

  1. There is so much in this post that excites me. 1 – History YAY 😀 2 – Languages: I’d do Norwegian then Old Norse and then Icelandic. 3 – Does this tourist attraction doubling as research include a steep hill with a castle on it? Bc if so, I am keen. 4 – How is Throne of Glass? I keep seeing it around but I’m still not sold on the concept. 5 – clothing research is the best. my dream is to one day find someone who can actually sew and get some costumes mocked up.
    That is all 🙂

    1. Oooh thanks for the language advice!! Part of the tourist attraction involves the steep castle hill, but also a few tunnels underground! I just finished Throne of Glass (literally, just) and I gave it 4 stars. I found the beginning quite meh but it really picked up in the second half. Apparently the rest of the series gets so much better so I’m looking forwards to that!

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