Tag Tuesday: How I Read

A book related tag from my other blog, inspired by the lovely Emily! I’ll be sharing these here fortnightly 🙂

Wanderings and Wonderings

Continuing on with my Tag Tuesday theme, I have a book tag! If you didn’t know, I actually have another blog (rachelalsowrites.wordpress.com) where I share snippets of my writing and talk about writing and books and that thought of thing.  You should probably go check it out.  Anyway, I thought I’d alternate ‘tag Tuesdays’ between a book related tag and a random tag. Don’t like it, don’t read Tuesdays’ posts.

Anyway, I stole today’s tag from my friend Emily over at A Keyboard and an Open Mind (who is awesome and you should probably go check out).

How do you find new books to read? 

Usually through BookTube. In particular there are three booktubers whose opinions I really trust, so they’ve significantly increased my tbr list.  If you want to check them out, they’re Jean from Bookish Thoughts, Caz from Little Book Owl, and Regan from PeruseProject

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