ROW80 – One Month Down

How is January already over? That’s absolutely absurd! I’m so not ready for February, mostly because February is so short and then it’s March and I’m starting my Honours and thinking about the future and that’s all never exciting but also ‘aaaahhhhhh run away’.

Anyway. Goals.

Last Week’s Goals

  1. Basic character info/summary for the POV characters Done, and I’m really happy with how it went. I now have a pretty decent overview of my five POV characters and their backgrounds, as well as little ‘interview’ style blog posts for all of them which will take me through WIPpet Wednesdays until the end of February.  Not bad for a week’s work!
  2. Breakdown of Rebellion plot into chapters Nope. Didn’t get this done, but it’s my first priority for next week!
  3. Visit all the WIPpeteers again Yes! It counts if it was at 6:30pm on Sunday night, right?
  4. Finish at least one book Technically yes, although it was Fantastic Mr Fox so I don’t know if it really counts…
  5. Write 4 posts for this blog and 3 for Wanderings and Wondering I actually ended up writing three for each, but it worked out well.  Basically every fortnight on Wanderings and Wondering I’m going to do a reading tag and share it to this blog, which will make 4 posts a week over here instead of 3.  I was going to do it last week but I did an Australia Day tag instead.

This Week’s Goals

  1. Breakdown of Rebellion plot into chapters (including POV)
  2. Basic info about important minor characters
  3. Basic history of world from the Empire’s arrival until the time of Rebellion 
  4. Visit all the WIPpeteers
  5. Finish at least one book

I hope everything went well for all of you last week, and that you’re heading into February feeling confident!


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