WIPpet Wednesday: Siri


Siri only wants two things: to kill Lord Rolando and to be free of her master

Siri slinks into the room in a way that exudes both self-assuredness and an intimate knowledge that she probably shouldn’t be there.  Her blades, secured as always between her breasts and next to her groin, press against her skin as she drops into the empty chair.  She flicks her long copper plait over her right shoulder, always her right shoulder, and leans back in the chair.

“So?” She stares at the scribe with impatient anticipation. “What did you want to ask me?”

The scribe shifts in his seat, uneasy under her strong gaze.  Siri’s eyes glint as the light of the lanterns reflects off them.  They’re the colour of the sea – a brilliant green that looks blue in the right lights, and when she’s in the right mood.  Now, however, she is not, and so they are the steely green of the raging ocean.


The scribe shifts again.  He isn’t used to such impatient clients.  “Ah…”  He shifts through his paperwork, although he already knows the order of questioning.  “Name.”  He finally squeaks, ashamed of the pitch of his voice.

Siri rolls her shoulders back a few times, stretching her neck from side to side.  She doesn’t like sitting still.  “Siri.  But you already knew that.”

“It’s a formality.”  The scribe mutters scribbling her name onto his parchment. “Town of birth?”

“You wouldn’t know it.” She crosses her right leg over her left, a hint of a smirk creeping across her freckled face.

The scribe glares at her.  “Town of birth?”  He asks again, as forcefully as he can muster.

She rolls her eyes.  “Eronia.” She pauses for a moment as the scribe crinkles his brow, just as she had expected.  “It’s in Arpathia.”  She prompted, her sarcastic distain poorly disguised.

The scribe scribbles the words down, although they mean little to him.  Arpathia is a long way across the Divide, far enough away that the scribe has never met anyone from Arpathia before. “And what brings you to Carithno, Siri of Eronia of Arpathia?”

The playful glint in her eyes disappears swiftly.  “Why does that matter?” She glares at the scribe, who squirms.

“For…for the records.”  He mumbles.

“Leave it blank.”

For a moment she thinks the scribe is about to argue, and her hidden blades press against her tensing muscles.  But of course, he doesn’t.  No one ever does.

“Right.  Leave it blank.”  He inhales, trying to compose himself.  “Let’s talk about your family then.”

Siri scowls. “I don’t have a family.”

“Then who raised you?”

Her expression softens slightly, a mix of fear and affection crossing her strong features.  “You wouldn’t know him.”

“I think I heard the name Rinn mentioned…”  The scribe prompts.

Siri stands abruptly, knocking her chair over.  Her heart races, the blade against her chest amplifying the sensation.  Her palms begin to sweat, and she knows some of the colour has faded from her cheeks, making her freckles stand out even more than usual.  “This interview is over.”  She mutters, darting from the room and slamming the door behind her.


This is the first of 5 WIPpets to be dedicated to introducing my main POV characters for Rebellion: Siri, Jacabo, Rolando, Andre, and Taura. I’ve tried to do these little character interviews in a way that fits in with the plot and style of Rebellion, because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t do one of those cool character interview style things other people do. The characters just didn’t want to be taken out of their world, let alone talk to me!

Don’t forget to check out the WIPpeteers (hosted by Emily Witt) for more WIPpet-y goodness, and I’ll see you on Friday for a book review (hopefully) or next week for another character!


10 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Siri

  1. I could have sworn I commented on here when I followed your link from Facebook, but apparently not. Anyway, what I had intended to say was that I really liked the way you did this, with the scribe being a character in the scene as well. And you’ve given a really good glimpse of the character, too. Even things like ‘Leave it blank’ give a lot of meaning.

  2. I agree, great display of her character overall. Love her sarcastic attitude and how she suddenly morphs from a tough girl into someone frightened by her past at the end. Great write up.

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