A Wee Bit Distracted – ROW80 Check In

As you might have guessed by my late check in on Wednesday, last week I was a little bit distracted. You know, by being in Edinburgh and all.

Despite this distraction I did manage to achieve almost everything I intended to do this week (even if most of it was done yesterday in Waterstones over a cupcake and hot chocolate).

Last Week’s Goals: 

  1. Work out a plot summary/synopsis of Rebellion: I have done this. Not a synopsis, that will come later, but a summary/blurby type thing I’m pretty happy with for now (seeing as it’s not going anywhere but my notebook and no one but me will read it).
  2. Finalise POV characters: I did this as well.  In the end, I decided that if I was stressing about whether or not a character needed to have a POV, they didn’t. Which leaves me with five POV characters that seem to be the obvious ones to tell the story: Rolando, Andre, Jacabo, Siri, and Taura.
  3. Visit ALL the WIPpeteers: I DID THIS! I read everyone’s posts, and I think I liked or commented on most of them. Success!
  4. Finish at least one book: Yeah…no. I don’t know why, I just got distracted by UK TV. Very naughty, will have to get back into things this week!

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Basic character info/summary for the POV characters
  2. Breakdown of Rebellion plot into chapters
  3. Visit all the WIPpeteers again
  4. Finish at least one book
  5. Write 4 posts for this blog and 3 for Wanderings and Wondering

I hope you all had a successful week and have high hopes for the last week of January – we can do this!


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