WIPpet Wednesday and a late check in

So I kind of dropped off the face of the earth the past few days. Sorry. My absence in the Sunday/Monday check in was primarily due to the fact I flew to Edinburgh on Saturday/Sunday, and I spent most of Monday frolicking in the freezing weather, crying in Topshop (true story), and surprising one of my best friends in the whole wide world.

Yes, you read it right, I’m back in Edinburgh after just over five months away. I won’t go into it too much, other than to say that I just needed to come back. I’m here for 5 weeks, heading back to Australia just in time for the start of semester and the beginning of my Honours year.

My goals for last week were to work on plot brainstorming for Rebellion, delve back into my maps, and to visit the WIPpeteers.

I was semi successful. I completed my general plot brainstorming and POV characters, and worked out quite a few plot kinks that have been bugging me for a long time, so that’s good.

I didn’t even look at my maps, but I also made the decision about half way through the week that that was a task I’ll save for the last week of February.

I visited a few of the WIPpeteers, but not as many as I should have.

One area I was extremely successful in was my reading.  One of my (non) ROW goals is to complete the 50 books challenge this year. In the first week of January I read one book (Wolf by Wolf – click for review), but last week I managed to complete two books and begin two more.  Not bad, hey? You can thank over 20 hours of flying time for that.  If you’re interested in keeping up with my reading progress, feel free to check out my goodreads page!  I’m also posting weekly book reviews on Friday, so you can have a look at them as well if you’re interested!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, onto this week’s goals!

  1. Work out a plot summary/synopsis of Rebellion
  2. Finalise POV characters
  3. Visit the WIPpeteers (all of them god dammit)
  4. Finish at least one book


Now onto the WIPpet! WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly blog hop currently hosted by the fabulous Emily Witt where a group of writers share snippets from their WIPs. We’re a pretty awesome group, and I really encourage anyone to come and join us – think of it as a minimal pressure writing group!

The only rule of WIPpet Wednesday is that your snippet needs to correspond in some way to the date.  Today, I have 21 sentences because 20 + 1 = 21. Simple.

“I just don’t think you should be here.  Any of you.  And I’m not going to pretend I’m ashamed to think it.”

Rolando sat in the middle of the room.  On either side of him, the clan representatives were literally divided, sitting bunched together in two scowling clusters.  The meeting, intended to be a civil routine discussion of the interests and concerns of the various clans, had devolved into chaos, and no one seemed to want to listen to him or Aleksian as they tried to broker peace.

“Then admit that the only reason you hate us is because we’re the reason your clan lost land in the Narrowing a century ago!”

Haro scowled, whilst his supporters shouted in outrage.  “That has nothing to do with it.  My clan, like all clans, agreed to put the past and its rivalries behind us when we agreed to remain a united Taneka after the Empire was pushed out.  And we have kept to that agreement.  But the clans in the Narrowing have clearly broken it by making deals with the Rebellion!”

“We have done no such thing!”  Cara stood from her seat, her hands folded defiantly across her chest.  “On what grounds do you make such ridiculous accusations against your fellow Council members?”

“On the grounds that Rebellion presence has increase across the Narrowing and you have done nothing to stop it.  You’ve blocked every attempt for military intervention, you’ve refused to allow clans from outside the Narrowing the assist in plans for removing the Rebellion, and you’ve recently tried to cut trading ties with some of the Highland clans.  You’re committing treason, and as such you have no right to sit as one of us with Lord Rolando listening to what you request!”

“I’ll have you know…”

Rolando raised his hand.  “Enough!” 

Now, if you’ve been following my WIPpets recently you’ll notice they’ve all be centred around Rolando.  This is because I simply haven’t written anything new since the beginning of December thanks to the plotting focus.

My friend A.E. Browne recently had the genius idea to ‘interview’ her characters so that we can get to know them better, and I thought I’d borrow that idea as a genius way to break up my WIPpets until I get to the writing stage and have new work to share!

I’ll be copying her and giving you a brief overview of the main POV characters so that you can choose who you’d like to hear about first!  Also let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know about any of them!

Rolando: Very recent king of Taneka following the country’s independence from the Empire.

Siri: Skilled assassin from Arpathia, a rival country to Taneka. Has come to Taneka with the task of infiltrating the palace and killing Rolando.

Jacabo: Rolando’s personal spy and assassin.  Freed from slavery due to his skill and dedication in Taneka’s new army.  Doesn’t like the sight of blood.

Andre: Leader of the Rebellion.  Opposes Rolando’s right to rule Taneka.

Taura: A junior member of the Rebellion. Raised by Andre.

If you’ve made it to the end of this very long post, WELL DONE! See you on Friday!


11 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday and a late check in

  1. I’m for Jacabo – because an assassin who doesn’t like the sight of blood is someone I have all kinds of questions for – none I can put into words, right now….but eventually…

    Maybe Edinburgh be more amazing than you remembered. =D

  2. Omg you always hook me! (T_T) this is kind of like torture because at the moment I can’t find any decent book to read….*tear* until next Wednesday I suppose….

    Oh I want to hear about Siri…I love espionage!

    1. Oh you’re so sweet! I swear whenever I’m feeling down about my writing I just need to go back and read your comments! I might even put them in a book for something…
      And I’ll put a vote down for Siri! I’ll ‘interview’ them all, I just need an order!

  3. That’s a very long flight and it seems you spent it well. Though the whole story isn’t there, this sounds like a trip you had to make for yourself and you come first (before goals). Don’t feel bad or beat yourself up at all about it. Life happens! 🙂 Keep being awesome.

    1. Thanks Gloria! It most definitely is a trip I needed, and I’m really beginning to realise that I come first and if I have the ability and opportunity to do things to keep my physical and mental health good I need to grab them with both hands!

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