ROW Update: A slow start

Well, a week has come and gone and to be honest I haven’t really done much in the way of plotting or world building.  Which is ok, because the goal I set myself for the week was just to set up my new notebook with my goals and a little calendar type thing.  Which I’ve done. So that’s a tick, I suppose.

This week things get a bit more plotty/serious, or at least they should in theory. I want to dedicate the week to really brainstorming my plot, working out the kinks and the POV characters and all the little things that have been holding me up along the way.  It should be a relatively simply process – I know the story, I just need to straighten it out an work out who says what.

I also want to delve back into my maps and world building. I want to get my maps to a point I’m happy with that will actually be useful as I write the story, rather than just being a fun and time consuming procrastination tool!

I also really want to make an effort to visit the WIPpeteers this week.  They’re all such awesome people, and I’m really lousy at actually paying them a visit.

How did you find the first week of January? Is everything going to plan? Do you even have a plan?


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