ROW – New Years Edition

It’s 2016!!!


I’ve spent a bit of time over the last few days working out my writing goals for the year.  It was harder than I first thought it would be, probably because I’ve put Take my dream of being a writer/author seriously as one of my 2016 goals.

That little work ‘seriously’ sure does carry A LOT of pressure…

January’s focus is world building and plotting.  Whilst I was in Singapore (and also throughout the rest of December) I had a few plot epiphanies for Rebellion, sorting out things that hadn’t been working but I didn’t quite know how to fix. So this month I want to put all of those epiphanies down on paper and really dig deep into my plotting so that come February I can begin my rewrites knowing I won’t run into many hurdles.

I’m keeping my goal deliberately vague for now because January is going to be super busy, and I want to actually give myself a chance at achieving the goals I set!


2 thoughts on “ROW – New Years Edition

  1. Congratulations on taking that “seriously” step! It can be scary, but I’ve seen so many people who find the rewards well worth it. I have a hidden goal of submitting something this year, which scares me immensely, but I’m gong to do it, no matter what!

    Being able to change goals in mid-stream is one of the beauties of Row80, so you can adjust as your world is built and plotted. All the best this Round!

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