WIPpet from Singapore

It’s Wednesday already!!  How did that happen?

I’ll be honest, this week has been SUPER busy and it hasn’t left time for writing.  I’m sort of working off the assumption that I’ll have all Saturday to write (whilst flying home to Adelaide via Perth) so I should focus on the course material until then.

So progress goals wise hasn’t been fantastic, but that’s ok.  Life got in the way.

Luckily for all of you thanks to my huge progress when flying to Singapore I still have a WIPpet to share!  Today I have 18 paragraphs because it’s the 9th and I missed last week so I’ve doubled it.

Seeing as you all love Aleksian and Rolando (I don’t blame you, they’re amazing), this snippet is once again about them.  Context – Aleksian has followed Rolando down into the dungeons of the palace in the middle of the night…

“Go back to bed, Aleksian.  It doesn’t concern you.”

“It does, Rolando, because the last time I saw that look on your face you nearly got yourself killed.  Who is she?”

“If I tell you you’re going to try and change my mind.  You won’t understand.”

Rolando could just see Aleksian raising his eyebrow in the dim light.  “Try me, Rolando.”

He sighed.  He was so close to where she was being kept that it would be a waste to turn back now, and Aleksian would just follow him the next time he went down anyway.  “The girl is Andre’s daughter.”

Aleksian paused, loosening his grip on Rolando’s shoulder in shock.  “Andre’s daughter?  As in Rebellion, wants to kill you Andre?  I thought he didn’t have a daughter?”

Rolando shrugged, continuing to walk along the path with Aleksian close behind him.  “So did I.  But apparently he does, a fact that is rather well known throughout the Rebellion.  I had Jacabo go and find her.”

“Why?”  He knew the suspicion in Aleksian’s voice.  It wasn’t a good sign.

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“Gods Rolando, you can’t kill her.  You do know that, right?  I know Andre did some awful things, but you can’t take that out on a child.”

“She isn’t a child.  She’s almost fifteen.  She’s a woman.”  As though that made it any better.


“I want him to hurt, Aleksian.”  He stopped at the archway where the passageway became a corridor of cells.  “You know what he did, you know who he took away.  I want to do the same.”

“So is that why you’re down here in the middle of the night then?  So that you can kill her without anyone else seeing?”

Rolando shook his head, passing the empty cells.  “No.  I just want to look at her.”

Aleksian shook his head but followed all the same.  “Rolando, this isn’t a good idea.”

Rolando felt Aleksian walk into him, but he didn’t care.  He was stopped, unable to move, staring into the cell where the girl lay.  “Gods…”

The sharp intake of breath suggested that Aleksian had followed his gaze and had seen exactly what had shocked Rolando.  “Rolando, I don’t think that girl is Andre’s daughter.  I think….Rolando!”  Aleksian stopped mid-sentence as Rolando turned and fled back up the passageway towards the palace.  The girl wasn’t Andre’s daughter, he knew that much.  And she was supposed to be dead.

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15 thoughts on “WIPpet from Singapore

  1. Omg. Well, that took an unexpected turn. I agree that Aleksian and Rolando are amazing, and I love their interaction here. Very nice way to draw us in and then smack us with that nice surprise at the end. This is a terrific snippet.

  2. Reblogged this on B.F. Simone and commented:
    I’m thinking of joining some Blogging challenge(s) or doing something new this year with my blog, really surround my self with people like me (fiction writers who write the kinds of stuff I LOVE to read). I ran across a group that does WIP Wednesdays and I think I’m in love… Check this out from last month…this post particularly sold me!

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