Study Tour in Singapore – ROW80 Update

So I haven’t done much writing this week.

Well, except for Monday, when I wrote around 13,000 words whilst flying to Singapore.  Not bad for the last day of NaNo!

I’m in Singapore for a study tour, and I’ve just finished the first of two weeks.  It’s been super hectic (classes/activities all day, a group of people to spend time with a night, blog posts to write, articles to read) and it honestly hasn’t left a lot of time for my own writing.

I feel bad, but in reality I just need to let this come first for another week.  It’s my final subject to finish off my degree, which means my BA(Advanced) will be over and I can start my Honours and move forwards to the next stage of my uni life.

With that said, here are my goals for the next week of ROW80:

  • Write 500 words (creative writing) per day: not much at all, but at the moment it’s probably the best I can do
  • Post a WIPpet blog and a Top 5 Friday blog: I didn’t do either of these this week thanks to how hectic the study tour was, but I’ll try and schedule them in so they go up on time.
  • Post a blog daily on WanderingsandWondering for my study tour: I’ll be using these as drafts for the actual blogs we need to submit at the end of the tour, so it’s best if I keep it up to date.

I hope all your goals are coming along nicely in the lead up to Christmas, and that the festive season isn’t interfering too much with your progress!


4 thoughts on “Study Tour in Singapore – ROW80 Update

  1. Sometimes we get too busy and writing gets set aside. Hugs. It sounds like you’re getting back on the wagon now and 500 words per day is a great goal to shoot for. Those words add up and it keeps you in the mindset. 🙂

    What is Singapore like?

    1. That was my thinking as well! Singapore is very hot and humid, which is my least favorite weather. It’s a fascinating city though! I’ve been talking about it on my other blog if you wanted to read more about my experiences 🙂

  2. I’m right with you on wondering about Singapore. I’ll check out your travel blog but will some of Singapore spill over into your story? Not so many folks get to travel like this. Congrats on that last blast of words for NaNo — and for making progress on your degree — and for committing to WIPpet in the coming week.

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