NaNoBlogMo Day #19 – An Inconvenient Revelation

Daily word count:

Total word count:

First sentence:*

“How does it feel to be a free woman?”

Last sentence:

“I think you should meet with her.”

*Again, this is the first sentence that will survive post NaNo, not the actual first sentence I wrote today…

Ok so I forgot to WIPpet yesterday…SO I SHALL WIPPET TODAY! Which to be honest is probably better for you because yesterday I barely wrote any words and today I wrote lots!  Also I had a breakthrough today about a plot issue I’ve been having, which unfortunately involves rewriting a few existing chapters/changing things around.  But it’s fine, it will work better with the plot in the long run…It just means more work now.  Which I suppose means more words, so I shouldn’t be complaining…

Anyway, onto the the promised WIPpet!

Today, for WIPpet math I have 11 paragraphs from chapter 19! (for 19/11 or 11/19 if you’re American).

Siri has been summoned to Lord Rolando’s office to meet with him again after their first meeting.  There’s supposed to be chemistry, so please let me know if you get that vibe!


She pushed open the door and stepped into the room, bowing the way she knew was expected.  “You wanted to speak with me, my Lord?”

Lord Rolando was sitting in the chair at his large desk the windows open behind him to let in the light from the setting sun.  Despite herself, she noticed that he looked particularly handsome in the dim, shadowy light.  “Ah yes.  Siri.”  He turned to the man sitting in the corner of the room who Siri hadn’t noticed when she walked in.  He was glaring at her.  “Aleksian, I would like to speak to her alone.  You are dismissed.”

For a moment the pair stared at each other, a silent debate raging behind their eyes.  Eventually, with a final, pointed stare at Lord Rolando, Aleksian stood and marched from the room, slamming the door behind him.

“You’ll have to excuse my advisor.  He has had a rather stressful day.  Please, take a seat.”  Lord Rolando motioned towards one of the empty chairs in front of his desk.  Suddenly Siri felt anxious, and she hesitated.

“I will not bite.”  His eyes sparkled slightly as he smiled at her.  “I promise.”

Something flickered inside her as she sat.  Despite all of the things she had heard about Lord Rolando, no one had bothered to mention that he was attractive.  An inconvenient oversight, in her opinion.

“I know we spoke the other day, but I needed to meet with you again.  Alone, this time.  I must say I am glad that we have won your support rather than the Rebellion.”  He smiled again.  That bloody charming smile Siri had been waiting for.  She felt her resolve melt slightly.  Her blade shifted beneath her clothes as she moved, reminding her of her task.

“I wasn’t there long.”

“I heard that as well.  In fact, I must say that I have heard a lot about you recently, Siri.”  Lord Rolando leant forwards.  “A lot of interesting things.”

She shrugged despite herself.  “Perhaps I’m just interesting.”  He raised his eyebrows at her.  He was teasing her, she realised, pushing the formality out of her.  “My Lord.”

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9 thoughts on “NaNoBlogMo Day #19 – An Inconvenient Revelation

  1. Hmmm… not picking up on a strong chemistry vibe, sorry. Siri sounds more nervous in the “I’m supposed to be doing something covert here” way. Admittedly, I’ve been out of it for a while, so I could be missing something. One thing caught my eye, though. You say they’ve met before, but then she muses how she didn’t know he was going to be handsome. So that confused me a little. I like the subtle tension between Rolando and Aleksian, though. And the way Siri checks on her blade. Nice.

  2. I definitely feel the attraction on her part, not so much his, but it’s her POV so that makes sense. For it to be on his part, it’d have to be far less subtle. I don’t pick up a strong chemistry between the two, more just simple attraction.

    I love Rolando though. I missed him!! Glad to still be reading him.

  3. Hmm… I think there’s potential for chemistry, but it’s more like Rolando pushing for it while Siri just sort of notices he’s cute and then works to redirect her thoughts toward the task at hand. Beloved has (American) football on in the background, though, so the mood isn’t exactly set around here. >.> I like it as a whole, though. 🙂

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