NaNoBlogMo Day #18 – A Discovery

Daily word count: 782

Total word count: 56,010

First sentence:

Sven slipped through the door into the room where the man was waiting before Andre could shut him out.

Last sentence:

“Only me.”

ROW80 Mid-Week Update:

As you may be able to tell, today wasn’t SUPER productive. Why?  Well I discovered ‘Orphan Black’, got addicted, and 6 hours later it was 9:30pm…

Le oops. (But seriously it’s so good go and watch it but after NaNo so you don’t get too distracted).

This week’s goals:

  • NaNoWriMo: 60k – I’m hosting a write in for my NaNo region tomorrow, so I’m hoping (everything crossed) I’ll get the last 4k out then!
  • Keep up to date on both blogs  – So far so good.  I’ve even got a post planned for my other blog tomorrow!
  • Visit the WIPpeteers – I probably won’t get around to this until the weekend, but I have the best intentions!
  • Make an effort to read/listen to a podcast for an hour before bed – This has been going really well as well.  I wouldn’t say it’s helping me sleep, but my eyes definitely hurt less!


So that’s how I’m going so far with my goals, pretty good all in all! Hopefully the rest of the week will be equally as good (or better…)


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