Daily word count: 4,064

Total word count: 55,239

First sentence*:

For the first time that he could remember, Andre wasn’t in the mood for fucking.

Last sentence:

“We’ll see.”


10:30am update: Just woke up.  Feeling sleepy but motivated.  Time for breakfast and a few important things (checking email, checking Facebook etc) then down to business.

12pm update: Slight hiccup.  Ongoing argument over potentially scamming ebay buyer now includes Western Union.  Sorted things out with Western Union, email sent to PayPal re is this all a scam.  Still haven’t started writing yet and not feeling super inspired….

12:30pm update: Started writing.

1pm update: 1,013 words.

1:40pm update: 2,007 words.  Switched off epic music for a little while.

2:01pm update: 3,000 words.  Break time!

3:15pm update: I got a little bit distracted with my break.  Also I’m super exhausted.  BUT less than 1,000 words until I hit 55k, so I’m going to push through it.  Brb, getting a cookie.

3:55pm update: 4,053 words. 55k goal achieved!

5:30pm update: Have not written anything since 4pm.  Have instead moped around with a headache feeling grumpy.  I want another cookie…

8:30pm update: I don’t think I’ll be writing anything else today.  Time to call it a night…

*This wasn’t technically the first sentence I wrote today, but it’s the first sentence I didn’t place in my ‘discard after NaNo’ folder.




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