NaNoBlog Mo Day #15 – Still Nothing

Daily word count: 0

Total word count: 51,195

I woke up this morning (actually technically 12:30pm) feeling appallingly bad.  As a result I spent the day in bed feeling miserable and sick, and no writing got done. But hey, as I said yesterday, life happens.

Last Week’s Goals:

  • NaNoWriMo: 80k – As you may have guessed I didn’t make this goal.  It was optimistic anyway, so not too disappointed!
  • Keep up to date with BOTH blogs. – All good on this blog and I’ve had a bit of a play around on my other blog, so I’m happy with that.
  • Visit the WIPpeteers goddammit! – I think I visited everyone.  I may not have left a comment or a like, but I think I did it!
  • Organise Singapore study tour stuff (not writing related but still important)

This Week’s Goals

  • NaNoWriMo: 60k – That’s just under 9,000 words.  I’m pretty sure I’ll achieve this, but I want to start off slow and steady to give myself time to get back into the swing of things.
  • Keep up to date on both blogs  – a reoccurring theme…
  • Visit the WIPpeteers – another reoccurring theme
  • Make an effort to read/listen to a podcast for an hour before bed – NO LAPTOP ALLOWED

I hope you’re all coming alone well with your goals (NaNo related or otherwise) and that we all have a productive week ahead!


6 thoughts on “NaNoBlog Mo Day #15 – Still Nothing

  1. Good luck on banishing your laptop at bedtime!!! Today I was in a doctor’s waiting room, and 5 of the 6 people were avidly playing with their phones. The sixth held a long and loud conversation on her cell phone. So it’s not so easy to disengage from our toys. I hope you feel better and are soon back to writing and visiting those WIPpet folks (mea culpa!).

  2. I mostly use my smartphone as a timer, an email reader, and a GPS device. I have used it sometimes to read social media, and I’ve watched a few videos and read the beginning of On the Road.

    I’m not that attached to it as a Big Thing in my life.

    If you’re looking for a podcast, my daughter and I have been enjoying Welcome to Night Vale. It’s – bizarre, and sounds as though you’re living it. We keep sating we “watched” an episode – it’s that vivid.

    Since my laptop failed at the end of August, I’ve docked the replacement in my study, and I’m finding that I step away more easily, because I’m more in the flow of the life of my home here (just off the living room). than I was in my bedroom, where I used to work.

    I’ve also been stopping earlier about half of the time, to spend time with the kids, or my Accomplice, chatting, watching a show, cuddling, or going for a walk…

    I hope your words return soon, and that you already feel better.

    1. Your comments always brighten my day! I’m glad my new phone has now arrived simply because it now means I have my online banking/maps/email with me, as well as a way to contact people. I did however enjoy not having a phone, I’m definitely not one of those people who can’t live without it!
      I’ll definitely check out Welcome to Night Vale!
      I think it’s difficult at the moment because we’re living with A’s parents, which means shared spaces and without my own study, my bed has become my study, sleeping place, and chilling out place all at the same time (very bad, I know). I’m hoping that when I get back from Singapore I’ll be able to rearrange things a bit so that my bedroom can be my own little space for sleeping and relaxing, and I have somewhere else to work from!

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