NaNoBlogMo Days 13 & 14 – A Standstill

Daily word count: 0

Total word count: 51,195

I haven’t written anything these past two days.

Not a thing.

Not even world building things or planning things.

No words.

Perhaps I should feel bad about this, but to be honest I really don’t.

I needed a break, I knew it, my body knew it, my mind knew it.  I’ve been working non-stop for a while now.  Coming out of a VERY uni work-intensive week at the end of October into a week of writing around 40k around a wedding celebration left me feeling absolutely exhausted.  It’s been building up since I arrived home on Monday, and I think yesterday it finally hit.

I’ve written 50k, hit the end of where my surviving planning finished, and I feel exhausted.

I love writing, I find it so enjoyable and I’ve never viewed it as a chore, so I don’t particularly plan on starting now for the sake of a ‘badge’ during a self-imposed writing challenge.

I’m using NaNo this year to get me back into the writing zone.  I’ve now (essentially) finished my undergrad degree, and whilst I still want to focus on uni and all that fun stuff, I also want to SERIOUSLY focus on my writing.

That means finishing my rewrites of Rebellion, editing, looking into publishing, all that jazz.

I’m not one of those people who destroys themselves during November and doesn’t write again (or even think about writing) until mid-October when I start to plan again.

I want writing to be my life.  And sometimes life is tiring and hard and you just need to take a break and have a weekend off and lie in bed and relax. And that’s me at the moment.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll write something, perhaps I won’t. It doesn’t matter, because I’m in it for the long run, not just for 30 days.


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