NaNoBlogMo Day #11 – Worked out alright after all

Daily word count: 4,491

Total word count: 50,356

First sentence:


Last sentence:

Fucking pirates.

ROW80 Update:

So I hit 50k today.  At 9:39pm to be exact (or 21:39 if you’re into 24 hour time).

I didn’t think I was going to make it today.  You see, I’ve reached where my surviving plan ends, so now it’s all uncharted territory.  Well, not exactly.  It’s foggy territory.  Like in Age of Empires, when you can sort of see the land on the map but you can’t really see what’s there.  That’s what my plot is like right now.  I sort of know what’s there, and I know where I’m aiming for, I just don’t actually know what’s there or if someone is going to jump out and kill me.

But I did make it, which is a good feeling.

I firmly believe that NaNoWriMo is all about personal goals.  Want to write 10k?  GO FOR IT! Want to write 100k? Go for it! It’s all personal.

That said, I know people are going to ask how I reached 50k so quickly.  Some people might even accuse me of cheating (although considering some people can write 50k in a day I doubt it).

To those people I’ll just say I don’t know.  I don’t really know how I managed to write so many words in such a short period of time.  I just did.  I type quickly.  I had a lot of free time.  I love my story.

It just happened.

I’m nowhere near finished though.  I’d say I’m probably less than a third of the way through my novel right now, which is a terrifying thought.  My aim for NaNo is to get the first draft out so I have something to edit.  I’m pretty well on track to achieving that, I just need to keep my productivity up (and possibly take some time out tomorrow to un-fog my plot).

This week’s goals: 

  • NaNoWriMo: 80k – Currently on 50k, which leaves 30k to write over 3 days.  I don’t think I’ll make it, but I’d like to try!
  • Keep up to date with BOTH blogs. – So far so good on this blog, but not so good on my other blog.  I need to fix that.
  • Visit the WIPpeteers goddammit! – I WILL DO THIS!!
  • Organise Singapore study tour stuff (not writing related but still important) – flights booked and tour paid for! So all organised!


Today, in celebration of me hitting 50k, I have a LONG (and also unedited because NaNo) WIPet for you.   It’s 26 Scrivener paragraphs (because 50/2 = 25 + 1 for context).  I might have shared bits of the old version of this with you before, but now it’s all shiny and new and completely rewritten so I’m sharing it again!

Don’t forget to visit the other WIPpeteers by clicking this linky thingy because they’re awesome!

Aleksian smiled sadly as he turned to leave.  “Don’t let them consume you, Rolando.  Not again.  Not now.” He bowed his head, but just as he was about to open the door, he turned back.  “Are you sure that everything is alright Rolando?  I’m your advisor, remember?  It’s my job to help you.”

“Yes.  Just a lot on my mind.”  He stretched and looked towards his bathing chamber, hoping that Aleksian would get the message and leave.  He didn’t.

“So let me help you.  You’re trying to do too much on your own.  You don’t need to do everything alone, Rolando.”  When Rolando didn’t respond, Aleksian approached him and laid a hand on his shoulder.  “We’ve been friends for years, Rolando.  You can trust me.  You know that.”

“I know.  I just…”  Rolando didn’t know what he wanted to say.  He had never been good at sharing his secrets, particularly not his important ones.

“The raid on the arms deal.”  Aleksian straightened, not even bothering to hide his triumph.  “When the soldiers raided the tavern in Ipitha.  She was there, wasn’t here.  Or at least you think that she was.”

Biting his tongue, Rolando moved towards the door, but Aleksian simply follow his like a particularly insistent shadow.

“You’re waiting to hear back.  That’s why you’ve been jumping down the throats of every messenger who’s come in here.  You want to know if they found her.”  Aleksian held the door open for Rolando as he walked through and kept pace with him as they crossed his larger meeting chamber.

“Perhaps.”  Rolando finally admitted.  So much for his plans of not discussing it with anyone except Jacabo, and particularly not Aleksian.  Then again, he wasn’t entirely to blame.  Aleksian, he had discovered in their years of friendship, was almost impossible to keep secrets from once he caught onto something.  He was painfully persistent.

“Is that why you’ve been meeting so frequently with that young soldier?  The blonde one?”

“He’s not exactly a soldier.”  Rolando slowed his pace slightly.  It was too late to shake Aleksian off now, he’d already given away too much.  “But yes.”

“So he’s a spy for you then?”

“Of sorts.”

Aleksian looked wounded.  “I thought you were going to involve me in anything to do with the Rebellion.  And I definitely thought you’d involve me in anything to do with her.”

“You are involved.  I just enlisted some extra help.  Unfamiliar eyes.”

“Just to find her.”

Rolando sighed.  “Yes, if you must know.  I wanted to try and keep things separate.  I know that they are not, that it is all tangled together, but I just wanted to try.”

“Does he know who she is then?  Have you told him who it is he’s looking for?”

“Of course not.”  Rolando snapped.  “No one knows.”

“Except for me.”


“So who does he think he’s looking for then?  If you haven’t told him.”

“Just a girl.”  Rolando paused at the door that led away from his quarters and down the spiralling staircase into the rest of the palace.  “He has no idea who she is, or why he’s looking for, just that he needs to find her and bring her here.”

“And he has?”

Rolando opened the door for Aleksian.  “You have work to do.”

“Rolando.”  Aleksian rolled his eyes, not even bothering to be polite.  “Why won’t you tell me?  What are you afraid of?”

Everything.  He was afraid of everything, not that he could tell Aleksian that.  “Yes.”  He sighed, pushing Aleksian through the door and out onto the landing.  “He has found her.”  Without waiting for Aleksian to respond, he closed the door in his face and leant against it.  So now he knew.


21 thoughts on “NaNoBlogMo Day #11 – Worked out alright after all

  1. Hmmm… Aleksian is one of those particularly dangerous friends, I think. Not that he’s likely to go stabbing anyone in the back, just that he’s the kind of guy to, probably unintentionally, gather a lot of knives he could do so with. Congratulations on getting to 50K!!!

  2. More, more, more please! And soon!

    I may hit 50K tomorrow, on the 12th. I spent today doing blogging stuff and hometending -yesterday’s scene was intense and unexpected, and I needed a bit of distance from it (since I live with people who have the right to expect me to be engaged and reasonably pleasant to live with).

    I don’t wonder how you did it. By the quality of this snippet, it seems that the story has come to life. Hooray for you!

    My novel looks to be on target for the 60K or so that I plotted. All my Kifo novels so far have been about that long. I may have finished drafting it by Sunday, or shortly thereafter. Then I’ll wrap up a couple of smaller things, then dive into my CampNaNo novel from July, which is still 21 scenes from being done.

    Best to you – may SIngapore be wonderful to you!

      1. I like your characters. I remember them from before, and have to imagine that they’ve only gotten better with revision!

        I didn’t write many words (Maybe none) on Wednesday. But that’s my plan for today and tomorrow, minus a birthday party and attendant shopping.

        I’m loving this story, and, once I get going, I tend to rack up several thousand words quite quickly…and good ones, too!

      2. I can’t express how happy that makes me, hearing you like my characters! It makes me hopeful that one day people will actually want to read my work!
        I’m sure you’ll hit it soon enough! I’m a bit the same, once I get into a story I love I can’t seem to stop!

      3. People want to read your work now, and that’s a start! =)

        I got above 45K before I went to sleep a little after 5am. I haven’t recorded it NaNowise, yet, because I’ve only been updating when I get to the end of a scene (and most of my scenes tend to be on the long side…

        I fully expect to get past 50K before I sleep again. I’ve just started Act Three, the stakes ratcheted up big time in a way my POV character wasn’t expecting, and he’s in a state of turmoil…what a great way to make some words happen! =)

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