NaNoBlogMo Day #4 – Not too shabby for three days work!

NaNo Update:

Daily word count: 7,270

Total word count: 20,334

First sentence:


Last sentence:

“Good night.”

ROW Update:

So I have to say, three (writing) days into NaNo and I’m pretty damn happy with my progress.

Despite being on holiday I’ve still managed to (obviously) get in quite a lot of writing.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that A and his friends have been playing golf most days, which gives me a solid four hours at least of writing time.

I think I made the right decision in deciding to focus on Rebellion again instead of something new, just because it’s familiar an also my priority.

All in all things are going pretty well.

This week’s goals

  • Final edit of research essay – getting that done today.  Hopefully A will have time to proof read it as well.
  • Submit research essay – will occur after final edit has been achieved.
  • Keep up to date with blogging – So far so good!
  • NaNoWriMo: 12,000 words – Well I smashed this goal on Day 3.  New goal is 30,000 I think.

WIPpet Time! 

Seeing as it’s NaNo and I’ve been smashing it (not my words, although they’re pretty true tbh) I actually have words! Real words.  Proper WIPpet words that were written before I wrote this blog post.

I know, I’m excited too!

Today I have 4 sentences from scene eleven for 4/11 (or 11/4 if you’re American).

We’re back with Jacabo, who I adore. No context.

“I’ve come all this way out here to see you, the least you could do is…oh…”

Jacob trailed off mid-sentence, staring in confusion at the boy in front of him.  He was crouched in the far left corner of the small room, as far away from Jacabo and the door as he could get.  His pale white hands grasped desperately to the hilt of a small sword, but his trembling arms gave away his reluctance and inability to use it.  His face, still young and boyish, was twisted as he tried to disguise his fear.

“You’re not exactly who I was expecting.”  Shit! Jacabo had prepared for every situation except for this one.  “I suppose we can still talk though.” He took a step towards the boy, hiding a smirk as the boy thrust his sword forwards, the blade tipping as he struggled to hold its weight.

“Put it down.  We both know you can’t use it.  Look, I’ll put mine down as well, ok?”

Don’t forget to check out what the other WIPpeteers are up to! Hopefully I’ll make it around to them too this week, although I can’t promise anything!


6 thoughts on “NaNoBlogMo Day #4 – Not too shabby for three days work!

  1. Ooh! I want to know more, more, more!

    You’ve really evoked a mood and a strong visual reality here. I want to know why the boy thinks he needs a sword he doesn’t know how to use, and what Jacabo is doing there and and and….

    And your word count? IMPRESSIVE! Brava!

  2. Great word count. You’re off to a rousing NaNo start.

    Love the excerpt. I have no idea what’s going on, but I know I want to find out!

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