NaNoBlogMo Day #1 – Not the ideal start

It’s the end of day 1 and I’ve written a grand total of 0 words.

Well, zero novel words, which is what counts, isn’t it.

I have an excuse – I spent the entire day travelling.  I spent the first two hour flight working on my uni assignment, and the second three hour flight mostly just sitting feeling exhausted.  I always feel exhausted when I fly.  We left Adelaide at 9am, and arrived at our hotel in Port Douglas at about 7pm.  It then took about 90 minutes to order and get dinner delivered, by which point we were both ready to just fall asleep.

So, yep, not the most productive first day.

Oh well.  There’s always tomorrow!

Last week’s goals:

Finish uni work
Presentation of my research (Monday)
– Presentation on Celtic languages in the UK
– Finish first draft of research essay
– Finish first draft of linguistics essay
– Edit essays – Linguistics essay completely edited, first edits of research essay done.
– Submit essays – Linguistics essay submitted.
History take home exam

Finish plotting
– Chapter overview with character pov decided
– World building in Taneka – maps, clans, basic background
– Character development and backgrounds (time permitting)

Yeah I did none of this.  Instead I decided to focus on Rebellion, because it’s what I should be prioritising right now.

Keep up to date across both blogs
– Visit WIPpeteers – sorry all!

This week’s goals:

  • Final edit of research essay
  • Submit research essay
  • Keep up to date with blogging
  • NaNoWriMo: 12,000 words

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