Well That’s Sucks – WIPpet and ROW80

Life update: Lost my phone today, didn’t I.  Well fucking done me. (Sorry if swearing upsets you).  Hoping someone will be kind enough to hand it into the uni security/the fancy connecting with your google account thing worked so it’s locked with A’s number and a message to hand it into him (he works at uni).  I better fucking find it by Friday.  By the way, this event pretty much just sums up my week – stressful and crappy.

Additional life update: Scrivener (on mac, which I JUST downloaded) won’t open the files I created on my Scrivener on windows.  I’ve tried everything the forums say to do, and when I import them I’m just left with a bunch of empty binders.  Unless I can fix this that’s hundreds of thousands of words of work I can’t access.

Today fucking sucks.

Ok, moving on from all that.

Productivity has come hard and fast this week. A quick goals recap, then onto the WIPpet!

Finish uni work
Presentation of my research (Monday) – I think it went pretty well!
Presentation on Celtic languages in the UK – Did this this morning, I was really happy with it and I got some really lovely feedback from people in my tutorial!
– Finish first draft of research essay – Currently at 4,211 words, which is well and truly over half way! Only between 1,789 and 3,489 word left!
– Finish first draft of linguistics essay – Currently at 2,051 words, which is pretty much exactly half way.
– Edit essays – Not yet relevant
– Submit essays – Not yet relevant
– History take home exam – Released at midday tomorrow!

Finish plotting
– Chapter overview with character pov decided – Not yet
– World building in Taneka – maps, clans, basic background – Not yet
– Character development and backgrounds (time permitting) – Not yet

– Keep up to date across both blogs – So far, so good!
– Visit WIPpeteers – That’s my plan for Saturday evening!

I’d say I’m doing pretty well!

Now, onto the WIPpet!

You can find the WIPpeteers here, and I suggest you do, they probably have something a bit more substantial to give you…

I’ve gone back to being indecisive about my NaNo plot, so for today’s WIPpet I have some rough musing-on-paper about another potential direction…It’s VERY rough, but I’m sure you’re all used to that by now.

He has no clan.  No history, no identity.  No side to take in the divisions that are forming in the void left by the Empire, overthrown and cast back to their own lands.  Perhaps that is what makes him what they have been looking for – someone who can unite the clans and rule over Taneka.  But to be that person, must not only risk everything, he must betray his closest friend.


4 thoughts on “Well That’s Sucks – WIPpet and ROW80

  1. I hope your phone is already back in your hands when you read this, and that the stress level has kicked down a notch.

    I like the WIPpet – I want to know more about this mysterous ‘him’!

    And, if you come over to my WIPpet place, I have some Trip, T’Pol, movies, and popcorn….just sayin’!

    1. It is not yet back in my hands, but it is only 8:30am.
      If all goes to plan you will know more about the mysterious ‘him’ – you already know more than you think!
      And I am already excited for Trip, T’Pol, movies and popcorn – now to find some free time to visit you!

  2. I hope you get your phone back soon! And as to Scrivener, the Windows version recently had an update that apparently makes it incompatible with earlier versions (which is why I haven’t updated yet – I’ll have to do it over four different computers), so is it possible it’s also rendered it incompatible with the Mac version? Perhaps you can try an earlier version if they have ’em on their site? (I have one if you need it.)

    Definitely intrigued by your snippet! I want to find out more already, it sounds so tantalising…

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