Oh god it’s almost November!

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? It must have been while we were sleeping…

Despite the apparent panic I’m actually suprisingly on track!

Uni work is coming along nicely, and I’m confident that by the time I board my flight to Port Douglas on Sunday my two presentations, 7,000 (7,700 if I push the +10%) word essay, 4,000 word essay, and take home history exam will be completed and submitted and this semester will be over!

My plotting is coming along well too, and I’m sure I’ll be as ready as one can be for NaNo come Saturday night.

Reading has, as expected, taken a back seat, but do you blame me?

This week’s goals are pretty simple, and I’m breaking them down so I feel like I’m ticking things off sooner!

Finish uni work
– Presentation of my research (Monday)
– Presentation on Celtic languages in the UK
– Finish first draft of research essay
– Finish first draft of linguistics essay
– Edit essays
– Submit essays
– History take home exam

Finish plotting
– Chapter overview with character pov decided
– World building in Taneka – maps, clans, basic background
– Character development and backgrounds (time permitting)

– Keep up to date across both blogs
– Visit WIPpeteers

Another busy week ahead, but I’m going into it feeling good!!


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