A Paragraph! – ROW80 Update and WIPpet

November is a week and a half away, and let’s just say the stress is real.  Not necessarily about NaNo, more about uni work.  I’m making progress on all the things I need to do, but it’s not as fast as I’d like, and pesky things like tutorials and lectures keep getting in the way of the things I actually need to do.

But let’s not dwell on that.

This week has been pretty successful on the writing front so far.  My plotting is coming along nicely, and as of writing this I have the general overarching plot figured out.  Now it’s just a case of solidifying it and dividing it up between the POV characters.  I’ve also been doing a nice bit of world building, which is lovely.  I find that world building helps me with plotting (and vice versa), so whenever I get stuck on one I find it helpful to switch to the other for a little while.

So that’s all lovely.

Reading is the only goal I’ve been neglecting.  Well, technically I haven’t, I’ve done a mountain of reading for my uni essays this week, but in terms of enjoyable pleasurable spare time reading, well, I just haven’t had the time.  I AM going to make an effort though (she says, again), there’s just so much to do and so few hours in the day (seriously, why do humans need sleep?).

Also, if you’re thinking about doing NaNo but aren’t the real life regions type or there isn’t a region near you or you just want more encouragement and company my friend over at Ink and Papyrus has set up a little online NaNo group.  Please come and join us…please! Linky here.

Now, onto the WIPpet! Although I’m still in my plotting/planning stage, I do have something a little more substantial than 14 words to share with you today (I know, I know, so generous).  Remember, once you’re done here head on over to the other WIPpeteers and check out their fabulous writing.  Maybe even join in yourself (if you’re that way inclined).

Today’s WIPpet math is…umm…math…yes…WIPpet…month…numbers…OOH LOOK A WIPPET!!! *runs*

The people are revolting.  Taneka, the last stronghold of the Empire’s settlement, is on the verge of war.   Clans that have been divided for centuries are being drawn together against a common enemy, fighting once again for their freedom.  But quarrels, no matter how old, are never completely forgotten, and never fully settled…


15 thoughts on “A Paragraph! – ROW80 Update and WIPpet

  1. Yes, it’s a real shame about that sleep thing. Whose idea was that?? It’s tough trying to fit everything into your day, especially when it’s crunch time at uni or work. Good luck with the juggling act!

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