An Uprising it is! – WIPpet and ROW80 Update

Well it’s been officially decided amongst myself and, well, myself. This NaNo I will be working on…


*looks at title*


I’ll be working on Uprising. (*pauses for cheers*).

Thank you to those of you who left helpful comments assisting me with my dilemma.  Part of me really does want to delve into Rebellion straight away.  It’s where I feel comfortable, with the characters I love, all warm and snuggly (not really, it’s not particularly warm or snuggly), but I decided I really need to start at the beginning.  I do enjoy Uprising too, of course!  But dammit I’m going to miss Jacabo…

I had some more great plot mini-epiphanies recently as well, so I’d have to say that this week’s goals are coming along nicely.

For those who forgot/missed Sunday/can’t be bothered to check, my goals for this week are:

  1. Work out which novel to focus on – Done!
  2. Solidify overarching plot – Currently in progress
  3. Work out how plot divides between character povs and develop subplots – Not so much work yet, hopefully I’ll get this done soon though.

To celebrate this decision, this week’s WIPpet is, as promised, my 1, 3 and 10 word summaries of the plot of Uprising.   If you want an indication of how it’s changed, you can check out last year’s snowflaking/NaNo prep post.

Ooh look WIPpet math!! 1 + 3  + 10   = 14. 


An empire collapses.

Ultimately, empires and friendship fall the same way – with betrayal.


13 thoughts on “An Uprising it is! – WIPpet and ROW80 Update

  1. Hello! Exciting goals! I’ve got the opposite problem. I’ve got my first novel solid in my head, as intricately plotted as a mystery, and I have an idea how the second fits in, but nothing near as intricately plotted, and the last one… no freakin’ clue how to conclude it. Yet.

    I’m glad you’ve got a grip on yours. Good luck and good writing!

  2. I have managed to fit the core info about my current WIP into a Tweet, once. I was so proud, I saved it so I could post it again! 🙂
    You’ve got some great goals going here. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Yay!! Excitement abounds, and happy dances. Okay, on to the serious stuff, it is interesting to see your summary pared down to it’s simple parts. Excellent! A great week for sure.

    See you in NaNo. 🙂

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