Another bloody epiphany – ROW80

We’ve encountered another problem.

Well, it’s not really a problem, as it makes the whole overarching story of the entire series flow a lot better, and it gets rid of the tricky ‘well this has to happen but by showing it I kind of ruin the suspense in the next book’ issue I was having.

Basically, I was having a little online plot in with some of the people from my NaNo region, and as we were discussing my problem we came to the conclusion that it would be easier to just reveal crucial events from the first book through flashbacks, thus making the first book irrelevant and making Rebellion the first book.

All well and good, right? Except for those of you who despise all flashbacks.

Then, a few hours later as my brain was trying to prevent me from falling asleep at a reasonable hour, I had another epiphany.

I could move the spoiler events forwards, so they happened in the period between Uprising and Rebellion, and therefore weren’t spoiler events at all.

All good news, right? What’s the problem?

Well now I’m back to deciding whether to focus on Rebellion or Uprising for this round…

Rebellion is my baby, but recent epiphanies have shown that it’s actually the ‘second’ novel in the series, chronologically.  It also has a bit of development in terms of plot to do as I need to combine what was originally going to be a sequel into Rebellion.

Uprising, on the other hand, was my NaNo project last year.  It was just supposed to be a little writing project, a prequel to Rebellion, to help me sort out things in my head.  Now however it needs to be developed into the ‘first book’, introducing more povs and more characters, with better development etc.  It doesn’t need as much plot restructuring as Rebellion though.

Which one should I choose?  Help would be much appreciated!

So that’s a little summary of what’s happened this last week.  I feel pretty content with my word-building, although I didn’t actually do much last week. (Except write, edit, and submit my major essay for my last history subject of my undergrad degree).

This week’s focus is plotting, broken into three convenient sections

  1. Work out which novel to focus on.
  2. Solidify overarching plot.
  3. Work out how plot divides between character povs and develop subplots

See you on Tuesday for a discussion of plotting techniques, or back on Wednesday for a WIPpet and an update!


4 thoughts on “Another bloody epiphany – ROW80

  1. Flashbacks can be a valuable tool if done correctly. I don’t hate flashbacks unless they confuse me. Stephen King did them really well in his novel, IT. I’m not sure you could actually call them flashbacks because he spent as much time in the past as the present. Would yours be like that? Or would the flashbacks be limited? If you think you can handle flashbacks with no confusion, and you can make the story flow easily with them, then go for it. If you aren’t sure, you might want to stick to your original plan. Only you know the answer. 🙂

    I’m assuming Uprising is only relevant if you choose NOT to do the flashbacks, right? Which would make Rebellion the first book? I’m a very linear writer and like to do everything chronologically. So if it were me, I would focus on the first one first. Again, though, do what feels right. Good luck!

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