Yet Another Surprise Wednesday – WIPpet and ROW

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’d get this post up until tomorrow (technically it just became ‘tomorrow’ but I think we can still count it as Wednesday), but then a mixture of insomnia and ‘that time of the month’ pains meant it looks like I have extra time this evening. Well, morning, technically, as it’s 00:01.


Moving swiftly on from that, how on earth is it already the middle of the week? Time has seriously flown, leaving me embarrassingly in its wake.  It’s now very early on Thursday morning, which means I have until tomorrow night to write a history essay (oops, left it to the last minute), not to mention all the other stuff I need to do this week.

I told you October is stupidly busy.

I think this week is going to be a writing productivity weekend week, because let’s be honest with two weekdays left I don’t exactly have much time!

Good start to the round I’d say.

Next up, what (most of) you are here for – the WIPpet!

I missed last week because I started a post and then realised I had literally NOTHING to share with you. Not even something I thought up on the spot. Absolutely nothing.  Last week was a bit of an unproductive week.

But hey ho, life goes on and this week I’m back.   You’ll have to wait until November for some real juicy snippets I’m afraid, but I promise they’ll be extra long and juicy (and I have a little surprise planned for November).  This month, you’ll just have to settle for planning related snippets (which I’m pretty sure are still technically WIPpets…)

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how I want to structure the stories inside my head, and whether or not a series has to have a strict order and continuous cast of characters. I still don’t really have the answer, but all the people who commented on Tuesday’s post were definitely helpful.  I can’t really elaborate more without giving too much plot away, but I’m sure I’ll provide spoiler free updates as they come.

This is all well and good, I hear you say, but what does it have to do with the WIPpet?

Well, today’s WIPpet is a thought I had today*, which quickly developed into a line of dialogue for a very specific character that cannot yet be revealed (but you know who they are).  It relates to all my rambling above because I realised that at the heart of my little series brewing away in my mind isn’t a character, or a set of characters (although a few do crop up pretty consistently). It’s a theme. Power.

In the end, it all comes down to who holds the power.  For now, my dear friend, it’s you.  But a time will come when someone else will creep up behind you and snatch it away.  I know this for certain, because it’s what you did to me.

Don’t forget to check out the other lovely WIPpeteers, hosted by the masterful K.L. Schwengel, and maybe even join us! Most of us don’t bite! 🙂

*I promise at some point in the next two months I will have a WIPpet that isn’t related to the date “because I wrote it today”.


14 thoughts on “Yet Another Surprise Wednesday – WIPpet and ROW

  1. “I wrote it today” is like “just-baked bread” to me. The lure of brand new words…..

    And these are good ones! Potent.

    Your surprise is in November, and I’m cooking something up for December! Exciting.

    I have a series in progress that’s centered around a place, and a theme. It’s a hospice resort island; the stories have varying characters. Some recur; others don’t. Some are dying; some are there with the dying; some live and work there…

    Power seems like a powerful theme, if you don’t mind the pun!

  2. I think what makes a series a series is whatever the writer thinks makes it a series. Does that make sense? A central location, a core character or cast of characters, a primary theme – I think any of those can make a group of books a series.
    And as for “I wrote it today”, that works for me, too. 🙂
    I wish you the best of luck this round!

  3. I think the key here is that you are writing, even if it is that day. Plenty of times I have written and used a WIPpet for that’s day’s writing. It is okay. You are writing and that is good.

    I hope you did well on that essay. (I was going to say, ‘now go get that essay written’, but it is Friday now as I post this.

    Hope your week has improved!

  4. I’m here to add words of encouragement from ROW80 as a seriously overextended writer, but your energy and writing were quite intriguing. Makes me want to read AND write! Especially that last line from your snippet: “I know this for certain, because it’s what you did to me.” What a turn right back to story.

    And I have a series question (as book3 is my current wip). I have a character who just doesn’t fit in the story, but he’s the brother of one of the main characters. I just want him to go away. I can’t kill him off because he may just have his own longer story one day. Aarggh! Well, the weekend of immersion writing is nearly here. Hope all goes well for you.

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