To Series or Not To Series, That is the Question…

Most of the time, fantasy books come in series.  Usually, this series is a trilogy, but sometimes its a duology or a big ass long winded as fuck series, like a Song of Ice and Fire.  The point is, it’s not very common for a fantasy novel to just stand alone by itself.

I know readers (including myself) have mixed feelings about series.  I personally love them for the most part, as I feel you get to explore the characters and the stories in more depth, but sometimes you can just tell that the series is there just for the sake of being a series.

I always intended for Rebellion to work as part of a series, either a traditional one after the other connected directly series or the sort of series where the books are connected, but perhaps separated slightly by time/place/something else.  And I don’t think I’ll change that.  But my new epiphany has raised some questions in my own mind about the order of said series.

Rebellion was always book one, but now I feel as though it’s ‘book two’, although I think they could be read in any order.

Which leads me to my first question – can you have a series that isn’t in chronological order?

Can you just have three books that are related but you don’t have to read them in any particular order?

Am I overthinking all of this?

Let me know the answers to my questions and how you feel about series!


5 thoughts on “To Series or Not To Series, That is the Question…

  1. I don’t mind most series, though things like Middle Book Syndrome can be a problem.

    I think the Narnia series was written out of sequence, but then I think they got re-numbered. And I guess, given only some of them have characters in common, not sure how much of an effect it has.

  2. I think it could be possible to have stand alone novels in a series. J.K. Rowling kind of made it for each of the Harry Potter books to be stand alone novels even though they were part of a series and her Robert Galbraith/Cormoran Strike trilogy seem to be stand alone novels that you can read out of order.

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