Let’s Do This! – ROW80 Round 4

And so it begins, the final three month stretch of the year.  The busiest three month stretch of the year if you’re anything like me. October is filled with uni commitments, thousands of words worth of essays to churn out, edit to almost perfection, and submit before the first of November rolls around.  Then, of course, it’s NaNo, that month of flurried words as the more crazed amongst us try to get as many words as possible down before December comes, and we’re all caught up with the festive spirit and preparing for the new year.

Or perhaps that’s just me.

I’ve been pretty useless with ROW this year, but I’m here for the last round ready to give it my all. AND I have a system.  How exciting!

Round FocusRebellion Draft 1. I know, you’re all getting bored of me saying that, but hey, it’s my goal. This 80 day (give or take) period is the time when I’m going to get it done. You’ll see.

October Focus: Prep.  More world building, planning, exploring characters, October is the month of preparation for what’s to come.  Thankfully I’m already pretty damn familiar with these characters and this world, but my recent plot epiphany might make things a bit difficult.

November Focus: Writing. This will be my first NaNo that I’m not completely free in, but I won’t let that stop me.  I want to get as much of my first draft down as I can in this month.

December Focus: Editing.  (With also a bit of writing if I don’t finish it during NaNo).  Making sure the draft is ready to send out to enthusiastic beta readers upon the new year.

This week’s goal? Aside from finishing my major essay for my history subject, it’s finishing off the world building tasks I started last month!

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Do This! – ROW80 Round 4

  1. I agree, Rachel. The last three months of the year have always been the busiest for me too. The month of October is always about NaNoPrep, November is all about writing furiously during NaNo, and December is about editing my NaNo first-draft. From now until the end of the year, my novel is my life. Thankfully, this ROW80 (Round 4) fits perfectly with that three month schedule. Your monthly goal-planning is very similar to mine. I wish you the best! I know you can do this!

  2. You’ve got this! Can’t wait for the snippets to begin….or havethey, and I’ve missed it because I’ve been a bit poetically and life-distracted?

    We tend to be busiest during the summer, but there will be things like a Halloween trip, doctor’s appointments, day trips, and the like to spice up the season. And I’m still making an elderly laptop do more than its designers probably even imagined possible…

    So, we’ll see where things end up, but I’m hopeful and motivated, and it sounds like you are, too…

    Best of luck with that essay! =)

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