Weekly Focus #4 and September in Review

Last week was weirdly productive and unproductive at the same time.

I got quite a bit of language work done, and I thought a lot about world building, but that thinking didn’t necessarily result in tangible, pen on paper or fingers on keys work.

I’ve been a little under the weather recently – a mix of a potentially brewing cold and awful hayfever brought on by the rapid change of seasons.  Adelaide simply can’t make up its mind, although increasingly it looks like this week its going to be settling on hot. To be expected, but yuck. Bring back the cold! I’m not usually productive when I’m feeling unwell, I tend to spend a lot of time lying in bed or on the couch feeling miserable, and this week (and a bit) has been no exception.

Let’s look back at the goals, shall we?

Create city maps: Yeah, I still haven’t done this…

Finish off Taneka map: I also haven’t done this, technically.  I know where everything is, and it’s all pretty much marked on the map.  I’m just still struggling to think of names for places.

Print off inspiration images: I haven’t done this, but I have A LOT of inspiration images on my pinterest, which you should go and check out (link is above in the header – the little p thing).

Explore culture of Taneka in more detail: I’ve done this, but I haven’t really written much of it down aside from a few notes.

See what I mean, productive but also unproductive.

This week is going to be a busy one, it’s my 21st party on Friday which means there’ll be people everywhere, my family arrives on Thursday and I still have A LOT of stuff to do before the party.   So I’m giving myself the week off, because realistically I know I won’t get anything done even if I set goals. Also I want a break before the insane hecticness that is October arrives!


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