Top 5 Friday: Topic flashback

Today I’m jumping back to the topic from June 17th (which I wasn’t around for), which is Books You Read in One Sitting (or close to).

5. The Fault in Our Stars.  Controversial, but I didn’t particularly like this book.  I didn’t have anything against John Green’s writing style (I found it flowed really well and was super easy to read), I just didn’t particularly like the story.  I cried when *spoiler* dies, but I feel like most people do because it’s so *spoiler*. I read this book in a few hours (read: about two), and at the end of it I just didn’t really feel anything.  I dunno.  I also really didn’t enjoy the film, I think the concept worked MUCH better as a novel.

4. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I feel like most people from my generation who liked Harry Potter read this book in one (or very few) sittings.  I still remembering lying in bed crying when Dumbledore died (come on, I feel like it isn’t a spoiler by now).  I know fans of Harry Potter are divided over opinions on favourite books (and I don’t know if I’d call myself a super fan), but I really enjoyed the later books a lot more – they’re darker and more honest, if that makes sense. Probably the first BIG novel I read in minimal sittings.

3. A Game of Thrones. #planerides. I honestly read the entire Game of Thrones book in about two/three sittings when I flew to New Zealand to see my dad in 2013.  Sure, I had a lot of time on my hands in which to do not very much, but oh my god I was just hooked on the story.   I hadn’t watched any of the TV show at this point so it was still all new (although I guessed that Ned Stark died thanks to Sean Bean’s habit of dying in everything) and I absolutely devoured the book.  Progress has significantly slowed since then (it took me 18 months to read A Feast for Crows – I wish I was kidding.

2. Of Mice and Men. I actually read this twice in one night because we discussing it in English class the next day and I still hadn’t read it.  A recommendation: don’t read it twice in one night, you will cry and feel miserable.  Of Mice and Men is one of the only books on my required reading list through school (although it’s not really called that in Australia) that I actually a) read (lel) and b) enjoyed.

1. The Virgin Suicides.  I talked last week about how much I loved this book, and I loved it so much I actually read it at the table during family dinner because I didn’t want to put it down!

Honourable mention to The Night Circus which I could very easily have read in one sitting but I drew it out as long as humanly possible because I loved it so damn much!


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