World Building Part 2: Names

Coming up with names is hard. Really, really hard.

I’ve reached the point in my world building where I need real proper names for the places and landmarks in my world, and it’s stretching my creativity levels.

Here’s where we are so far:

Continent name: Still non-existent.

Region names: Check. Taneka, Codino, Arpathia, Canosa, Corallyn Isles, and the Silk Islands (possible change). They’ve been around since the very beginning (2007/08).

City names: Carithno, which is probably the most important one. No where else has a name.

Town names: One. Ipitha.

Landmark names (rivers, mountains, valleys, lakes, deserts, swamps, forests, plains etc): Nope.

Names really are bloody difficult. I don’t want to use something boring or stereotypical, but something special is hard.  It makes me think I should focus more on language building…

Any tips for naming places?


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