Weekly Focus #2: Maps again

So it turns out I still watched a lot of Netflix last week, and I didn’t manage to achieve all my goals.

  • Create world/continents map with landscape and city details
    I managed to create a pretty damn awesome continent map (if I do say so myself), but didn’t get around to creating a world map.
  • Create more detailed map of Taneka and relevant areas for Rebellion
    So far I have the outline of Taneka and the rivers, but there’s still a bit of work to do.
  • Created city maps of major cities/towns in Rebellion
    This was unfortunately not even started.

Like it said, I didn’t get everything done, but it was still super productive as I’m really proud of my continent map and a lot of things are already starting  to come together in my head.  This week I want to keep focusing on maps as I’m finding them really useful.  Basically, I want to complete the tasks I didn’t get around to last week.

  • Create a world map with different continents
  • Finish off Taneka map with landscape, cities, roads, landmarks etc.
  • Create city maps for important places in Rebellion 

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