Top 5 Friday: Favourite Maps

So technically the topic for this week is favourite things about blogging, but I thought to keep more in the spirit of this week’s map theme I’d use a topic from last month: favourite maps.

As someone who loves fantasy/scifi/historical fiction, most of the books I read have maps.  It’s probably what created my love for fantasy maps (actually all maps, who am I kidding).

5. Narnia. My parents bought me a beautiful hardback edition of the Chronicles of Narnia for Christmas in 1999 (I was five).  Realistically, the map of Narnia was probably one of the first maps I ever saw, which probably explains a lot.   The style of the map is pretty similar to another on this list (no surprises), but I just love it.


4. Tortall

Tamora Pierce’s books are some of the first fantasy books I remember reading, and probably my first major inspiration for creating my own fantasy world (fun fact: when I was a child I invented an alphabet and religion that I used to use by myself because I had so many friends).  So I guess you could say her maps were pretty influential.  They’re not super detailed or anything, but they were definitely important in opening up my imagination.

Tortall map

3. Westeros

I suppose this one is obvious as it’s pretty much on everyone’s list ever.  The maps in the books are great (and super helpful in working out where everyone actually is), but they truly came to life in the TV series opening sequence.  I know, I know, everyone talks about it, but I seriously think it’s just SUCH a clever idea, particularly the way the world opens up as the series progress.

2. Middle Earth

I can’t exactly make a favourites list without SOMETHING Lord of the Rings related! The map of Middle Earth is obviously one of my favourites.  Possibly just because it’s a map of Middle Earth.  But what it represents in terms of the history of fantasy as a genre is important as well!

middle earth map

1. Leviathan

Keith Thompson created this map for Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan series, and oh my goodness it’s amazing.  I love the way this map is used not only to show geography but also alliances in his steampunk style alternative World War I history novel. Seriously awesome!

leviathan 2


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