Monthly Focus: September

There are 16 and a half weeks until the end of the year.

16 and a half weeks!

That’s 116 days.

That’s insane.

I’ll be honest, up until this point I haven’t been particularly productive on the writing front this year.  I’ve been busy experiencing other things, and my visions of productivity did not match the reality.

But hey, I have 16 weeks left this year, so I’m gonna do my very best to be productive!

I’ve decided to split my goals into monthly and weekly ‘focuses’, rather than just a bit long list of things to do.  I’ve also realised that, in reality, I can’t get as much done as a lot of other people thanks to uni, which has to be a priority.

Anyway, September’s focus is world-building.

This month is absurdly busy with uni, which doesn’t really leave much time for full on writing.  So instead, I thought I’d give myself an entire month to focus on world-building, which I enjoy doing and which really gets my creative juices flowing.

So this month is all about world building, and this week I’ll be focusing on maps.

I have three main goals:

  • Create world/continents map with landscape and city details
  • Create more detailed map of Taneka and relevant areas for Rebellion
  • Created city maps of major cities/towns in Rebellion

It’s quite a bit of work, but I’m hoping to do it in the evenings after uni rather than just lying in bed and watching netflix!


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