A Cheeky WIPpet


Did you miss me?

I sure missed all of you over in WIPpet Wednesday land!

I don’t actually have much choice of sections for WIPpets this week, considering most of my writing work has revolved around map drawing, and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count as a WIPpet.

Luckily for you, I do have one sneaky chunk I can share.  It’s not technically from a work in progress, more from the worldbuilding of a work in progress, but I’m counting it anyway. So there.

Today I have 2 sentences for the second of September.  Not very generous I know, but I told you I don’t have much to share!

No one was sure for certain when they arrived, but arrived they did.  They came across the seas in narrow boats pushed by oars and sails, and settled across the fertile plains of the land they found.

If you want to read the work of the other WIPpeteers you can find them here, and maybe even join us!

Coming up on Friday: Top 5 Wednesday (on a Friday)


8 thoughts on “A Cheeky WIPpet

  1. Welcome back! Wow, I’m saying that a lot this week. Okay, twice so far, but that’s a lot. 😉 I was stingy with only two sentences as well. Hee, hee. Yours reads like the beginning of something epic.

  2. Worldbuilding counts to me… I mean, you need it to write, right? (Not complaining if you want to share maps too, of course. I have a biiig soft spot for maps.) I love the description though, you somehow pack so much into two sentences and make it so clear to imagine…

  3. Welcome back!

    Very nice. 🙂 Worldbuilding seems like it should count when it’s done like this. 🙂 I end up writing a bunch of short stories for worldbuilding and I really, really hope those would count. 😉

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