Emerging from Hibernation

Where am I?

What is wordpress?

How does one blog?


You’ve probably noticed (or more accurately NOT noticed) that I’ve been absent for a while. What can I say, life was busy.

I’ve now returned to Australia and am still in the process of settling back in (it’s not going as well as I had hoped).

Also my laptop has died an awful death and I’m currently in the horrid in between period where I’m borrowing a laptop and therefore can’t install Scrivener or put all my files on. So writing productivity has been kinda low.

But never fear, because I’m back, I’m here, and I have a plan.

Part I: The goal

This blog has been a little bit neglected this year. Juggling two blogs is harder than I thought, and to be honest exchange and travel kept me so busy that I simply didn’t have much to update you on.  No longer! My goal for the rest of this year is to commit to this blog and bring it back to life. How do I plan on doing that, you ask?

Part II: The schedule

That’s right, a schedule. Gulp.

Sunday: Goals update – this will either be linked with ROW80, or (if/when I’m unorganised) just my own little goals – all related to writing/reading of course!

Tuesday: Writing craft – whatever is in my mind to do with writing

Wednesday: WIPpet Wednesday – the weekly blog hop where I (along with many other fabulous bloggers) share sections from their current works in progress.

Friday: Book Day – either a book review, or the weekly topic from the Top 5 Wednesday Group (I already have commitment on Wednesday and it doesn’t say anywhere that I can’t do it on Friday…)

Also, if that isn’t enough, you can hop on over to my other blog on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for even more content!

So there you have it. That’s my little goals update for this week, and I’ll see you on Wednesday with a WIPpet!


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