Hello friends, it’s been a while. Today sucks because it’s my last day in the UK.  We fly out tomorrow, which makes me just a little bit miserable, but hopefully I’ll get some writing done on the flight!

Anyway, it’s another short update today, but once I’m back in Australia (in two weeks – booo) I’ll be back to more regular posting.

For today, I have a LONG WIPpet to make up for being away for so long. It corresponds with the date because I just wrote it. Warning, it hasn’t been edited, so be kind!

Also, I’ll do my best to get to you all but no promises!

“Andre?” It was early enough that the corridor was empty, save for the sleeping girl curled up around the corner who had presumably fled her room to escape Andre’s drunken affections. The thought filled Sven with a pang of jealousy. He rapped on the door again, trying to ignore it. “Andre?”
From through the wooden planks of the door he heard muffled shuffling and cursing. It sounded as though Andre was still drunk.
“Andre, I know you’re in there.” He knocked again, harder this time. It was like looking after a child. It wasn’t the first time that thought had crossed his mind, and he was certain it wouldn’t be the last time either. A drunken child.
“Leave me alone.” Andre’s voice floated to him though the door, heavy with liquor. “Give me one night to wallow in my misery.” The shout was followed a few moments later by the crash of break glass and, unsurprisingly, more cursing.
The door creaked on its old hinges as he pushed it open and stepped into the room. “You’ve had enough nights of that and you know it.” Andre was standing, if his posture could really be called that, next to a small wooden desk, glaring at the remains of what smelt like a bottle of Corallyn spirits. Exactly what he didn’t need. It’s odour made him crumple his nose and the alcohol stung at his sinuses. “At least you can’t have any more of that.”
“I’ll just get another bottle.” Andre turned and stumbled across the small room back towards the bed and began rummaging through the tangle of bedclothes. Sven allowed himself a moment’s glance at his naked body, but only a moment.
“Why are you bothering me Sven?” Andre asked, pulling his breeches from the sheets. “Surelyl there’s something you’d rather be doing.”
“More things than you can begin to imagine in your current state.” Most of them involving Andre, although Sven wasn’t about to admit it. “But unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of doing them.” He pulled Andre’s shirt from where it lay crumpled on the floor at tossed it towards him. “Get dressed, you’re needed.”
Probably just to spite him, Andre let the first fall to the floor. “Find someone else to do it. I need something else to drink, and possibly someone else to keep me company. I appear to have lost my previous companion.”
Sven scowled. The last thing he wanted right now, for more reasons than one, was for Andre to find another poor girl to bother. Crossing the room he picked up the first again and thrust it against Andre’s chest. “I can’t find someone else. They want to talk to you. And they say they have word from Taneka.”
He saw the panic cross Andre’s face, but for both their sakes he pretended to ignore it. Andre seemed, despite everything, in a reasonably good mood, and Sven wasn’t stupid enough to disrupt that. It would vanish soon enough all on its own.
“Do they have word of her?”
There. Vanished. “They won’t talk to me alone. They want to speak to you directly. Which means,” He pushed the shirt into Andre’s chest again. “You need to get dressed.”
“Fuck.” Andre grabbed the shirt with his left hand, running his right hand through his hair. It was beginning to gray in places, not that Sven minded. Or had any right ot notice, for that matter.
“Don’t panic.” He knew Andre well enough to know he wasn’t going to listen, but it was worth a try. “We’ve still got time.”
“Unless they’ve already reached the palace.” Andre’s face was covered by his shirt, and Sven took advantage of the moment to catch one last glimpse of his chest before the shirt slid into place. It was inappropriate, he knew, and hardly the time, but he couldn’t help it.
“They haven’t.”
“How do you know?”
Sven rolled his eyes. Sometimes he was sure Andre was deliberately difficult. “Because I can read a map. We still have time.” Not that much, he knew, particularly if they were traveling by horseback or without breaks. But time was still time. “You’re just wasting time now, speculating over hypothetical worst case scenarios when we might have answers waiting for us right now.”
Andre glared, but stepped towards the door nonetheless. “After this can I get back to my night without disruption?”
Sven shook his head, pushing Andre through the doorway before he could argue any further. “The sun’s up, Andre. And you’ve got a Rebellion to run.”


4 thoughts on “A LOOOOOOOONG WIPpet

  1. It must be the week for great last lines because yours is excellent. 😉 Ah Andre — get your arse moving, man. And I so do like the little peeks Sven keeps stealing. For shame. Hee, hee. I know you said this is rough, but you have ‘first’ twice when I think you wanted ‘shirt’.

  2. I love that last line. And Andre fits so well with the picture of a drunken sailor. I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for because sometimes I get everyone’ WIPpets muddled, but I totally pictured a pirate-esque scene. Very nice. 🙂

  3. This line!!! “The sun’s up, Andre. And you’ve got a Rebellion to run.” Love it!

    And oooh, naughty Sven. Not that I mind him peeking at Andre, though. Eventually Andre has to notice that, right? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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