Italian Lakes and Trouble Brewing

Hello all! My wifi situation still hasn’t really improved, and I have enough internet on my phone to upload posts, but most likely not to read other people’s.  I promise I will rectify this as soon as I have decent internet and have A LONG wippet catch up.

Despite the appalling wifi I’m having a thoroughly amazing time.  I’ve moved on from Germany and am up in the mountains above Lake Como in Italy.  I may just have to spend the rest of my life here it’s so damn beautiful.

I’ve also been SO PRODUCTIVE with my writing omg wow.  I just finished the last few thousand words of re-writing/editing that brings me up to 14 chapters of Rebellion completed and ready for beta-reading/the next stage.  I’m 28.5% of the way through chapter wise (woop woop), which is pretty good progress considering the six months I’ve had!

To make up for travel making me a kinda shitty blogger friend, and for such short snippets of late, this week I have a LONG one for you. 7 paragraphs because it’s the 6th month but I hate the number six and I’ll probably miss next week.
Just go with it ok.

Very new section I’ve added onto one of Rolando’s chapters, so very keen for feedback!

“Why are we going down into the dungeons?” Rolando hadn’t expected Aleksian to respond, but the silence still irritated him. “Aleksian?”
Rolando raised his eyebrow. Aleksian wasn’t the best at formalities, but he was rarely rude. It made Rolando feel even more anxious. He could feel the weight of the locket against his leg, but he tried to ignore it. Something was clearly wrong, so wrong it couldn’t simply wait until morning or be discussed from the comfort of his quarters. Which meant it was bad, and that he needed to concentrate. It was impossible to tell from the depths of the palace where the dungeons lay, but he assumed it must have nearly been dawn. The raid might have begun, or maybe it was even over already. He wished he had some way of knowing how it had gone, whether or not Jacabo had managed to capture Taura, whether she was alright. Of course he had no way of knowing, but that thought didn’t reassure him. Ahead of him Aleksian was still walking in silence, clutching the lantern in front of him to light the path. The mountain was filled with winding paths that connected the various chambers below the palace itself. It was common for people to lose themselves in the labyrinth of rock – a simple wrong turn could quickly become fatal. It still frightened Rolando a bit, how easy it would be to simply disappear into the darkness, never to be found again. He spend up at the thought, moving closer to Aleksian and the light.
“Are you going to explain to me what is going on? I would rather not be wandering through dark passages in the middle of the night on my way down to the dungeons, and at the very least I would like an explanation for why I am doing it.”
“You’ll see. We’re almost there.”
There, Rolando assumed, was either one of the lowest dungeon caverns or outside of the palace completely, considering how long they had been walking for. Just as he was beginning to consider demanding Aleksians to take him back to his quarters and explain everything somewhere with access to sunlight, the narrow passage they had been following opened up into a large, yet equally as miserable and dark, cavern. It was unremarkable as far as dungeons went, iron bars created small cells within the space, fading torches, the constant dripping of water from an unknown source. Rolando didn’t bother to give any of it more than a quick glance, his eyes were immediately drawn to the cell directly in front of him, where Timenas’s lifeless body hung.

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13 thoughts on “Italian Lakes and Trouble Brewing

  1. That reaction is probably different from what mine would be upon seeing a dead body! “Oh” is such an understated response. Makes me wonder more about the context and why Rolando reacted that way.

  2. I really love that reaction. Such a “Well… that’s unfortunate”.

    I have to say, I’m pretty impressed that you’re getting any writing and/or blogging done at all while you’re travelling. I was lucky to get one travel blog post up each week, if that.

  3. Wow! That lakeside view is definitely better than the one Rolando got! I’m wondering at what makes him so matter-of-fact about a body. Is he used to seeing bodies? He certainly seems to know some uneasy things about the dungeons, but the body? Doesn’t phase him at all…interesting…

    So happy that you’re enjoying your travels, even with fickle internet! =)

      1. I’m so excited for you. I’ve never traveled to another continent. Part of me would love to, and part of me is terrified of it.

        I know you’ll have so much story fodder, joy, and perspective from these travels, and I’m excited for you. May Venice give you plenty to dream about! =)

      2. It’s incredible, but then again I am a bit of a wanderer and have been all my life, so maybe it’s just in my blood!
        Definitely lots of story fodder, and Venice was all I expected and so much more!

      3. I’m wanderer too, but, thus far, I’ve been contained on North America….my Accomplice and I have always talked about traveling when the kids are independent – and when we can find the finances…we’re not so many years from that, now – and maybe one or both kids would like to join us – our oldest, who is almost 14, recently said he wanted to move to England, or somewhere ‘where the laws make more sense than they do here.’ So maybe we’ll be traveling, to see him, before so very much longer! =)

  4. Woohoo! on both travel and writing wonderfulness. 🙂

    I like this passage! I don’t know if the ending is a surprise in the book, but it works well here. I LOVE the understated response, personally. It works so well as an indication of personality, expectations, beliefs, etc.

    You have a few grammatical errors, so keep an eye open when you edit. 😉

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